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5 Rhythm Genre Mobile Games That Can Entertain Players With Music

GridGames.ID – Playing rhythm video games is fun, especially when you hear the music that is in the game.

Usually, rhythm video games will feature gameplay adjusting notes or notes with an action.

Especially on mobile platforms, the actions taken are usually in the form of touching the screen, holding the touch of the screen, sliding the touch of the screen, and so on.

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This time, GridGames will tell you all 5 rhythm genre mobile games with interesting gameplay, check it out!





Developed by Rayak International Limited, VOEZ will invite you to dive into the excitement of playing music in a video game.

In addition, VOEZ also offers an interesting storyline to follow.

In this game, you are assigned to complete a song by touching the notes that come from the top to the bottom vertical direction.

Interestingly, there are notes that require you to slide the touch of a finger.


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