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After the Avengers, Now it's Kratos's Turn to Visit the Fortnite World

GRIDGAMES.ID- After players are confronted with Galactus who is about to destroy the world, Fortnite is now bringing another character from another world into their game.

This time, Epic Games collaborated with Sony in presenting this surprise, which we all know, that skin is Kratos from God of War.

Initially, through the PlayStation Twitter account, Sony shared a teaser in the form of a voice that tells of a character who kills the gods.

Sony, there’s nothing more difficult, what’s the riddle? That’s too easy, isn’t it, guys?

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After that, not long after the teaser, a Twitter user named @HYPEX leaked an image of Kratos joining Fortnite.

Now, Kratos is officially a skin on all Fortnite platforms, from PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PS4.

Even for those of you who already have a PS5, Sony will give you a bonus skin in the form of Kratos but the version uses gold armor. This is how it looks like.

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For the price itself, this skin is priced at 2,200 V-Bucks and you will not only get Kratos skin, but Glider, Mimir’s head back bling, and Leviathan Ax.

What are you waiting for guys, for those who play Fortnite, just check this skin in the Store now!


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