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Don't bother! Mandiri EVOS Card Later Can Be Made Online

Mandiri EVOS debit card display

EVOS Esports

Mandiri EVOS debit card display

GridGames.ID – Some time ago EVOS Esports and Bank Mandiri announced their collaboration.

The result of this collaboration gave birth to a limited edition Mandiri debit card called EVOS Card.

EVOS Esports Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Wijaya said he was proud to be collaborating with Bank Mandiri.

“It really made history, actually as the first esports team to also make cards with a Bank the size of Mandiri and Visa as transaction partners,” he said at the Media Discussion event: Indonesia Esports Industry Outlook 2021, Thursday (5/8).

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The launch of the EVOS Card itself received a positive response from the public.

Until now, there have been a thousand people who have used the EVOS Card.

Now before, to be able to get an EVOS Card, EVOS members can visit existing Bank Mandiri branch offices.

They are required to bring their ID cards and prepare IDR 15 thousand as a condition for making the card.

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