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Half-Life 2 Made by Fans Reportedly Will Be Released on Steam, Comeback!

GridGames.ID – The legendary online FPS game Half-Life 2 seems to be making a comeback on Steam in a remastered version.

Based on a report from IGN SEA, the fan-made Half-Life 2 game may be coming to Steam with the title Half Life 2: Remastered Edition.

Half Life 2: Remastered Edition is predicted to bring updates to graphics, gameplay, new game modes and are adapted to the tastes of today’s gamers.

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The news about the arrival of the game Half Life 2: Remastered Edition on Steam emerged from Valve reporter Tyler McVicker.

Last July 30, Tyler McVicker posted a tweet revealing that he could confirm the validity of the new Half-Life 2 game project.

Interestingly, the game Half-Life 2: Remastered Edition is claimed to be made by the former Half-Life 2: Update team.

Tyler McVicker's Tweets about Half-Life 2

Tyler McVicker

Tyler McVicker’s Tweets about Half-Life 2

Curious about the leaked information about Half-Life 2: Remastered Edition?

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