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Introducing Free Market System, EOS Red MMORPG Mobile Game is Finally Released

MMORPG mobile game titled EOS RED

MMORPG mobile game titled EOS RED

GridGames.ID – As if it never stops offering a variety of new titles for mobile gamers.

Now, the latest MMORPG mobile game entitled EOS Red officially opens its servers in Southeast Asia (SEA).

With a total of 15 countries including Indonesia, EOS RED opens its servers simultaneously in the SEA region.

With a total of 1.9 million players who pre-registered.

Blue Potion Games, as the developer, thanks a lot for the support from players in Southeast Asia.

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The developer also celebrated the achievement by preparing mysterious gifts for players.

In the EOS RED game, players will be offered a variety of interesting features such as a market system, Gallery, Guild and PvE and PvP which are no less exciting.

Due to the variety of features offered, the game has also become the talk of gamers in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and 10 other countries.

Here are the most interesting features in the MMORPG EOS RED mobile game:


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