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Microsoft Improves Multi-Screen in Windows 11, Makes Streamers Easy!

Illustration of streamer playing game


Illustration of streamer playing game

GridGames.ID – Feature multi-screen in the Windows operating system plays an important role in the productivity of game streamers.

Microsoft as a developer of the Windows operating system has helped streamers by improving features multi-screen in the upcoming Windows 11.

Based on the latest report from IT News, Microsoft will now optimize multi-screen performance in Windows 11.

These optimizations aim to make it easier for game streamers, content creators, and working professionals to create the content they want on Windows 11.

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Performance optimization multi-screen in Windows 11 based on fixing the multi-screen feature issue in Windows 10.

Currently, there are some problems with the display multi-screen Windows 10 which is quite disturbing user productivity.

For example, when a user uses 2 or more monitors and enters ‘sleep’ mode, multiple windows open on multiple monitors will be displayed on only 1 screen.

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Then, when is the feature multi-screen Windows 11 will be released? See the explanation on the next page.


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