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Rockstar Games Reportedly Will Release GTA VI Trailer Soon!

GridGames.ID – Rockstar Games is one of the leading game developers that has spawned many popular games.

Of the number of games that have been produced by Rockstar Games, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is arguably the one that has quite a lot of fans.

Therefore, Rockstar Games does not stop developing the GTA game, for which the company from the United States has plans to release GTA VI.

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Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) is the latest game series from GTA whose release is highly anticipated by many people around the world.

Although highly anticipated, Rockstar Games seems less informative about the new game.

Because Rockstar Games tends to be ‘silent’ about GTA VI, rumors are circulating widely.

Including recently, rumors related to the GTA VI game have again spread to the public.

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Then, what GTA VI rumors have recently spread to the public?


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