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The Alchemy Stars Faction Leader's Recommendation To Strengthen Your Team!

GridGames.ID – Alchemy Stars, a strategy game with anime elements, the Indonesian version was officially released at the end of last September.

The game made by Tencent has an in-depth storyline full of mystery in the isekai world that unites aspects of science and magic.

Players are pampered with stunning gameplay details, including the artistic graphics and character designs in Alchemy Stars.

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Alchemy Stars tells of the journey of the Aurorians and Caelestites to restore peace to the land of Astra and save them from extinction.

Starting from the world of light and darkness colliding due to a mysterious organization, players will plunge into the world of Aurora to fight and uncover one mystery after another.

Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars

To enrich the story aspect, the land of Astra is also divided into 6 factions, namely Illumina Federation, Lumopolis, Umbraton, Rediesel Wrench, Northland, and True Order.

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Well, each faction has its own background, leader and troops.

Here are some leaders from each faction that you can get to strengthen your team:


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