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The Sickest Build Aurora Mobile Legends 2021, Dying Auto Enemy!

GridGames.ID – Who says the old heroes in Mobile Legends are not as OP (over power) as the new heroes?

Aurora, one of the Mage heroes in Mobile Legends, is a hero that has been around since 2021.

Because now we often find Meta “Hyper Carry” in the Land of Dawn, Aurora is often used as a Mage as well as Support.

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This hero who is known to have Crowd Control and Burst Damage specialties must master ambush aka bushes.

By mastering ambush, Aurora is able to make opponents die and even be eliminated suddenly without anyone knowing her whereabouts first.

Don’t forget to always increase the stack, because if the bar above Aurora’s head is red, then the opponent immediately freezes or gets frozen causing a stun effect.

Aurora really helps the team during war and laning, but has to put her in the right position so she doesn’t get kidnapped by the opponent.

Just like Mage in general, Aurora’s HP is so thin, so the pilot must be smart to keep the distance so that Aurora is not hit.

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Well, this time GridGames wants to tell you the recommendations for the sickest Aurora Mobile Legends build in 2021.

Immediately check the explanation below, yes!


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