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These 5 Billiard Themed Mobile Sport Games Have Really Exciting Gameplay!

GridGames.ID – During this pandemic, fans of physical billiards may not be able to do their activities or hobbies.

As an alternative, billiard-themed video games are also a solution to his hobby of playing billiards.

Now, various billiard-themed game titles fill the smartphone screen and have many options.

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Well, GridGames now has a list of 5 billiard-themed games that you can try for free.

Some of these games can be played offline as well as online against your friends, check it out!

1. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball pool


8 Ball pool

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This game made by Miniclip was a hit on the PC platform before being ported to the mobile platform.

This billiard-themed mobile game has also accumulated more than 500 million downloads for the Android platform.

You can play offline or online to compete with your friends in this game.

There are various billiard tables with cool looks in this game.


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