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Through GridGames, RRQ Endeavor Officially Announces Moving To Mobile Gaming

RRQ Endeavor team wins PBIC 2021

RRQ Endeavor team wins PBIC 2021

GridGames.ID – RRQ Endeavor is a professional player for the Indonesian Point Blank game from Rex Regum Qeon.

There is news that is going viral on social media, precisely on the official Grid Games fanpage.

“RRQ Endeavor is reportedly going to move into mobile gaming and prove that they can compete in mobile games.” Fanspage, Grid Games.

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As explained by Yulius “NextJacks” Coach, RRQ Endeavor, “Looking at the market in Indonesia which is currently bustling with mobile games, the RRQ Endeavor team will prove that they are capable of winning in mobile games and not only on PC”

There was a response from fans of the RRQ EVR team who felt sad about the decision.

RRQ Endeavor's Fan Response

RRQ Endeavor’s Fan Response

A few hours later, the RRQ team announced the official news, namely BYE ENDEAVOUR on Youtube, TeamRRQ.

In the video, Wijaya Nugroho invites the RRQ Endeavor team to play the Call of Duty Mobile game and provides an opportunity to become a pro player for the CODM game.

The response of the RRQ team, “Benny Moza will leave first and Yulius “Nextjack” will be the coach of the RRQ Endeavor and Aceng children, Herry, Armario agrees to Ko Wijaya’s invitation”

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For fans of the RRQ Endeavor team, don’t be sad, continue to support the RRQ Endeavor team in the newest world of “mobile gaming”.#VivaRRQ


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