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Try Here, Build Items Uranus Mobile Legends 2021 (Offlaner Version)

GridGames.ID – Uranus, one of the Tank heroes in Mobile Legends, is now gaining popularity in 2021.

However, the hero who has a Regen/Poke specialty is actually more often used as an Offlaner hero which is usually placed in the Top Lane.

By having HP Regen and Shield, Uranus is considered to be able to survive alone in his lane.

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To become an Offlaner hero, Uranus is recommended to use the Support emblem.

This emblem really helps Uranus as an Offlaner hero if you activate Talent Point Agility (3), Recovery (3) and Pull Yourself Together.

By using the Support emblem, Uranus will get stats in the form of Hybrid Penetration, Hybrid Regen, HP, Movement Speed ​​and Cooldown Reduction.

For Battle Spell, you can use the Vengeance type which can give additional Magic Damage and HP regen.

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If you understand the explanation earlier, it’s time for you to take a peek at the sickest Uranus Mobile Legends 2021 build below, OK!


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