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Try it! Build Items Hurt New Hero Mobile Legends, Barats

GridGames.ID – After waiting for several months, Barats finally officially arrived in Mobile Legends in mid-September 2021.

Barats is a hero who has two roles, namely Tank and Fighter.

Rupa from Barats himself is a dwarf who rides an animal similar to a dinosaur named Detona.

Barats Mobile Legends


Barats Mobile Legends

No wonder, with his appearance like that, Barats was dubbed the Dino Rider.

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Barats himself is a hero with special damage and crowd control.

It has high durability and the possibility of difficulty level to use this hero is not too difficult.

The three skills that Barats own can give Physical Damage.

Like his passive skill called I AM BIG, where the animal will bite the target and give Physical Damage to the opponent.

Meanwhile for his own ultimate skill, Barats will create a large circle-shaped Forcefield around him.

Ultimate Skill Barats Mobile Legends


Ultimate Skill Barats Mobile Legends

This skill will deal Physical Damage to enemies if they touch the Forcefield, and cause a slow effect.

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Without further ado, here’s the build of Barats Mobile Legends, the sickest version of GridGames.


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