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Leaked on the Internet, This is Oppo's Latest Game Controller Design!

GridGames.ID – A recent news emerged from Oppo which has officially patented a product, namely its newest game controller.

Later, this game controller will be compatible with almost all variants of Oppo’s smartphones.

With this gaming controller patent, Oppo seems to want to give a signal of competition to the two giant game controller manufacturers, Sony and Microsoft.

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Meanwhile, the design of the game controller made by Oppo has also been circulating on the Internet since a few days ago.

The party responsible for the leak of the Oppo game controller design is the ITHome news portal.

ITHome leaked the design of this Oppo game controller through one of its latest news pages.

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In the news, ITHome mentioned that the leaked design of the Oppo game controller is likely to be similar to the Xbox controller.

Then, what is the appearance and appearance of the Oppo game controller design?


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