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Netmarble Announces Release of First MMORPG Battle Royale Mobile Game

Game A3: STILL ALIVE from Netmarble


Game A3: STILL ALIVE from Netmarble

GridGames.ID – New innovations come from South Korean developer and publisher, Netmarble.

They announced that they had released a new game called A3: STILL ALIVE with a mix of the MMORPG genre with Battle Royale today (23/9) globally.

Previously, A3: STILL ALIVE was first released in South Korea in March 2021.

The game has implemented large-scale battles based on competition between servers, including guilds on servers.

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In addition, the Battle Royale genre, which is very popular in South Korea and abroad, was made into a Mobile MMORPG for the first time.

It’s not wrong if the game A3: STILL ALIVE immediately won No.1 in the popular download rankings when it was released in South Korea in early 2021.




MMORPG games generally have to go through a process of character growth to enjoy the excitement of competition, strategy, and PvP.

On the other hand, A3: STILL ALIVE provides character-strengthening fun and competition at the same time.

A3: STILL ALIVE will present a new concept of playing MMORPG that provides the excitement of competition, strategy and PvP without the character growth process required in current MMORPGs.

So, for those who are interested in playing this game, anyone can play fair from the start and become stronger.

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