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Official, PUBG Crates Purchase Will Not Use Real Money

Crates available in PUBG.

Crates available in PUBG.

GridGamesID – For those of you loyal PUBG players, you must be familiar with the availability of the Crates package which contains various items in it.

You can get this Crates package by buying it using real money.

Well, there’s good news, PUBG Corp. just announced that going forward the purchase of Crates will no longer require real money.

This Crates purchasing system will begin to be removed along with an update on December 18, 2021.

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In the future you can open these Crates by collecting BP in the game.

Until now, Crates are still available with prices reaching $ 9.03 or around Rp. 127 thousand.

To choose the crates you want you must be able to reach a certain stage based on the gameplay.

Actually PUBG Corp. have changed the rules of buying these Crates quite often.

Usually PUBG lowers the price or provides a new Crates package with different contents.


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