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Players who Spam Chat in Rainbow Six Siege Will Auto-Banned!

GridGamesID – One of the things that makes online games more exciting is the live chat feature.

With this feature, we can communicate with our opponents or playmates who may be in other parts of the world.

But, you will also be disturbed by the rush of chat in the game.

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Well, related to this, one of the big game developers, namely Ubisoft, issued a new policy.

Ubisoft will immediatelybanned the players who intentionally spam chat. Moreover, to make the game finished lagging.

This decisive action was taken by Ubisoft after receiving many reports from Rainbow Six Siege players who experienced lagging while playing.

Investigate, this lagging is caused by several other players spamming the chat column.

Not words or sentences, these players just send some coding symbols that can interfere with the game system.


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