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Kage Drian Fix Comeback Bela ONIC Esports at MPL ID Season 9!

Good news is here for Sonic aka ONIC Esports fan because one of their mainstay players Drian confirmed to return to the MPL ID Season 9. Yupafter being absent at the start of the season, it was announced that Drian would return to play in the competition Mobile Legends the most prestigious in Indonesia.

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Of course, this has been predicted by many people and has been seen from a long time since Drian was announced to enter roster MDL last week. However, just yesterday (31/3), Drian was finally officially announced through the official Instagram account of ONIC Esports that he would return to the MPL event.

Last week alone, Drian was indeed announced to enter the roster ONIC Prodigy who competed in MDL ID Season 5. Since the good news, of course, many fans have predicted that it would only be a matter of time before the players role midlaner this to return to MPL.

Drian’s own popularity as one of the most accomplished ONIC Esports players cannot be doubted. He is one of the senior players who was part of ONIC Esports when he won MPL Season 3 and is still alive today.

Drian is the only Kage (the name for roster ONIC Esports who won MPL Season 3) who still faithfully defended the yellow hedgehog team when the other Kage moved to another team. Therefore, it is not surprising that he received a warm welcome from the Sonics.

ONIC Esports itself in MPL ID Season 9 is currently ranked second regular season. Their performance is actually quite stable at the moment, but the points are quite far behind the leader of the standings, namely RRQ Hoshi.

Known to have hero pool area, Drian definitely had a positive impact on the team’s strategy especially when Mobile Legends patches has just been released at this time. The arrival of the Kage is also certainly expected to improve the performance of ONIC Esports in the rest Regular Season later.

It will be interesting to wait, of course, in the future whether Drian will immediately return this week or not. Then, if he played this week, who would he replace? Samoht or Kiboy? Both of them are currently playing quite well, so it’s interesting to wait.

What do you think? Can Drian lead ONIC Esports to defend its championship title?

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