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NFT Esports Gets Double WWCD

Entering the 4th day of the prestigious PMPL ID Season 5 event, all teams have played really well all out. The GPX Esports team managed to become the star of the day by getting double WWCD.

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PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 4 results

  • Sanhok – GPX Esports
  • Erangel – Geek Fam
  • Miramar – GPX Esports
  • Miramar – Genesis Dogma
  • Erangel – ION Esports

The first match opened with a win from the team GPX. Being a zone lord is certainly very profitable. Bravely, players from the GPX team ran out of the zone to repatriate the last player from the Voin Victory 88 team. Victory games GPX won the first one with a total of 15 kills.

Located in high ground make a team Geek Fam far superior in games second. Four active players from the Geek Fam bravely surrounded the Skylightz Gaming team.

Is doing revive made the movement of the Skylightz Gaming team a bit limited. In the end, they couldn’t do anything and could only give up when they were approached by 4 players from the Geek Fam team.

Nice game given by the team GPX Esports in games third. Even though it only has one active player, the patience of this one team pays off very well. Rosemary managed to repatriate two players from the RRQ Ryu team who fought her. WWCD was also successfully brought home by the GPX Esports team.

Miramar in games fourth closed with a win from the team NFT Esports. The aggressive game of this one team managed to make the NFT team win against other teams.

An excellent bomb throw from NFT Badman managed to bring home the last player from the Alter Ego team. They won for the fourth time.

After several failed attempts to get WWCD, finally at games last team ION Esports managed to get WWCD. With a superior number of players, they can restrain the movement of the teams.

The sharp eyes of the ION Esports team players succeeded in repatriating players from the Aura Fire team and also the Zone Esports team. Very good game from the team at games final.

Overall Ranking PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 4

With the results of the fourth day of PMPML ID Season 5 in the second week, ION Esports managed to widen its gap with NFT Esports who was in second place. Meanwhile, GPX trailed the two teams in third place, followed by Bigetron Red Aliends and Alter Ego LIMAX.

Following overall ranking PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 4:

The teams will still fight for WWDC on the last day which takes place tomorrow, Monday, April 4, 2022. Don’t forget to continue to support your favorite team, OK!

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