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ONIC Esports Beats EVOS Legends Again!

ONIC Esports showed their superiority over EVOS Legends in MPL ID Season 9 after they again successfully won 2-0 in their second meeting today (3/4/2022).

ONIC Esports itself is really performing gasp in this match because they want to secure the position upper bracket. How’s the fun? Here’s the recap!

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First Game

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-03 at 22.15.56

Games The first one was quite fierce, where ONIC Esports managed to appear super aggressive in the competition early game. Ferxicc who used Fanny wasn’t given much room to do farming and always a target for take down yellow hedgehog team first.

This, of course, puts significant pressure on EVOS Legends. Fortunately entered the phase mid game, slowly they can rise. Lylia from Wann and Melissa from Clover managed to shine and become damage dealer reliable.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. Even though EVOS is being strengthened again offlaner their reliable is Antimage, ONIC still doesn’t care and is more mature in the phase late game. They also succeeded in ending the EVOS Legends resistance in the 29th minute after successfully leveling Wann and Clover. Score 1-0 to Sanz and friends.

Second Game

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-03 at 22.15.59

In games The two exciting battles were again presented by both teams. After in games Previously, Ferxicc who used Fanny was frustrated, this time it was Sanz’s turn to use Fanny and seemed to want to “teach” Ferxicc to use Fanny.

The result also doesn’t disappoint where Sanz’s Fanny is really quite dizzying early games. He is able to play well and tear apart the defenses of EVOS Legends so that it is difficult to move and it is difficult to find their best rhythm.

One of the difficult players farming and often become a “victim” is Antimage with its Yu Zhong which is difficult to develop in games this is where he had to die 7 times. This also happened thanks to Butts’ brilliant performance in using Hylos who successfully became MVP with 4 kill and 10 assist.

In games In this case, ONIC Esports managed to win quite smoothly and ended the white tiger team’s resistance in the 20th minute with a score of 25-15.


With this result, ONIC Esports is also in second place in the MPL ID Season 9 standings with 11 points. They are still loyal to RRQ Hoshi who is ranked first and has just won the previous match.

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