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PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 2: ION Esports Leads!

The competition at PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 2 was very exciting. The game on the third day was successfully controlled by the team ION Esports which is at the top of the week 2 PMPL ID Season 5.


The match in Week 2 Day 2 became a very hot match. For those of you who missed PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 2 yesterday (1/4/2022), don’t worry because Game Spot has prepared a recap for you!

PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 2 Results

  • Sanhok – Skylightz Gaming
  • Erangel – Bigetron Red Aliens
  • Miramar – Aura Fire
  • Miramar – Genesis Dogma
  • Erangel – EVOS Reborn

The first game was won by the team RRQ Ryu. Complete with 4 players, TEAM Skylightz Gaming managed to dominate the zone.

RRQ Ryu is blocking all teams from entering. Finally, Skylightz Gaming was consumed by the zone and WWCD was obtained by Skylightz Gaming.

Erangel in games both team won Bigetron Red Aliens. They guarded the edges of the zone to make it difficult for the NFT Esports team to enter.

The sharp eyes of Red Aliens players managed to find NFT Esports players who were doing proning. WWCD was also successfully obtained with a total of 16 kills.

Aura Fire managed to win the match in games fourth. Owning a house makes them very advantageous because they have blind spot.

Not only that, being a team with complete members certainly makes the Aura Fire team even more domineering. They got WWCD for a total of 12 kills.

Miramar in games the fourth team was successfully won Genesis Dogma. They got the momentum when two members of the BNW 88 team fell to the ground.

That way, they can do push towards BNW 88. Finally after a fierce battle, the Genesis Dogma GIDS team managed to win the match at games to 4.

Victory from EVOS Reborn managed to close the last game. EVOS Reborn surrounds the last player of the ION Esports team. Shot from multiple directions, GenFos couldn’t do much. Can only surrender and let the EVOS Reborn team get WWCD.

Overall Ranking PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 2

Following overall ranking PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 2:

Don’t miss the exciting action of the teams at PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 4 today, Saturday, April 2, 2022. Don’t forget to continue to support your favorite team, OK!

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