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Reasons for Tanks to Become the Strongest META Mobile Legends in Season 24

Para player Mobile Legends: Bang Bang now being loved by how easy it is to use META Tank in the Land of Dawn, as the strongest META that can be used in Season 24 this.


After before Marksman who got the attention of Moonton, now it’s the turn of the Tank which has been noticed since his role was shifted by the Support heroes in role Roamers.

Of course a lot the reason why META Tank can be the strongest META in Season 24 this, and Game Spot have summarized 5 reasons why this phenomenon can occur. Socheck the article below to the end!

1. Jungle Monster System Change

jungle monsters

In patches Lastly, Moonton changed the system Jungle Monsters, Which one Jungler heroes who has a lot of HP will give damage which hurts more Jungle Monsters.

It sounds strange, but this change benefits the Jungler Tanks because from the start they had thick HP. That’s why Jungler Tanks more effectively used in META now than hero other.

2. Many Tanks Get Buff

Moonton seems sad to see the Tank rarely used in Ranked Match as well as competitive tournaments such as MPL ID because Support heroes Preferably for the role Roamers.

That’s why, a lot Tank heroes which is given Buff significant. However, it turns out that the effect of giving buff it was way beyond expectations.

Hero Tank be very flexible to be used in various role. Apart from being qualified as a Roamerspara Tank it can also be used as Jungler, Midlaner, EXPlaner, even Goldlaner challenge the Marksman.

Example hero who gets buff this is Masha, Johnson, Hildaand Grock which we often encounter in MPL ID S9.

3. Item Defense Gets Massive Buff

Besides Tank who gets buff, defense items also many get updates fun ones, like the Guardian Helmet, Twilight Armor, Cursed Helmetand Blade Armor.

If before defense items only serves to withstand the opponent’s attack, now someone can give damage to the opponent. An example is Twilight Armor which has a new unique passive, which gives Magic Damage addition to the opponent in the next attack.

Of course buff on defense items this makes the Tank can still be jungler without having to buy Attack items to add damage hers.

4. Tank’s Favorable Battle Spell Adjustment

META Tanks Mobile Legends

Change battle spells what happened in patches the latter is also more profitable Tank compared to hero other types. One of which is Petrify (Spell who can give stun) which cooldown its usage is reduced from 90 seconds to only 75 seconds, so it can be used more often by para Tank to stop the opponent’s movement.

There are also spell Sprint the one who gets the new effect, the user will immune to effect Slow. This effect makes Tank which uses Spell this can chase or run away without having to be afraid of being affected slow from skills opponent, more or less the same as the Purify effect.

However, the most significant effect is Spell Retribution, because in the latest adjustment, damage given by Footware Jungle (Hunter) will increase along with Max HP Hero.

That is, the thicker our HP, the more it hurts damage given using spell this. Hero Tanks which basically already has a thick HP of course will benefit from this effect, especially if it isbuild items Defense.

5. Significant Nerf for Assassin and Marksman Jungler

META Tanks Mobile Legends

If there is Tank who keep getting buff, hero Assassin and Marksman actually get the opposite fate because they keep getting nerf.

Hero Assassin tier 1 like Lancelot and Hayabusa keep getting nerf because it’s too OP, while others are difficult to compete in META now. Even if there is, maybe Karina, that too uses Defense items.

It’s different with Marksman. Despite getting buff from skills them, Moonton made para Marksman this can’t be jungler because damage they to Monster Jungler only 50% if using Retribution spells.

The choices are getting narrower plus para Tank which is increasingly “pampered” by Moonton makes the fans player prefer Tank heroes as jungler compared to others.


Those are 5 reasons why META Tank be the strongest META in Mobile Legends patches latest. Looks like we’ll be enjoying this META for quite a while until Moonton decides to upgrade hero another type to shine in Mobile Legends.

Have you felt the pleasure of META Tank in Mobile Legends?

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