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Revealed! This is Why Oura Formed the GPX Team

All fans esports definitely know the figure of Oura who is a former player from EVOS Legends. finished pro players, Oura chose to form a team esports named Ax Gang alias GPX.

For your information, GPX is a team esports which was just formed on July 21, 2022 ago by 3 former professional players Mobile Legendsthat is Oura, Donkey, and also Marsha.


These three are ex pro player who is now active as a streamer. So, why did Oura finally decide to form GPX?

Oura’s Reason for Building GPX

Through video together with Youtuber famous Qorygore, Oura reveals why she formed the team esports named GPX. It makes a team esports because they want to provide a platform for new players in this industry. Therefore, Oura made a team esports-himself along with three of his friends.

If we are in the world esports first because I was still pioneering, that’s why I became pro players. But, when I already know, like oh esports like this, I finally live esports-itself. More to level uI don’t really think so,” Oura explained.

oura form gpx

“I used to play in a team that didn’t have a cave, why didn’t I make my own cave and grow it myself. If we play alone, there must be a limit, if we have one esportswe have a place for the new generation,” he added.

Before it was officially released to the public, GPX itself had become the talk of many publics because it was formed by 3 well-known figures in Indonesia Mobile Legends Indonesia. Until now, GPX already has many divisions games like Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, until Free Fire.

On the other hand, Marsha as one of the founder other GPX have mentioned other meanings of the team’s name. In interview with Livy Renata, Marsha said that GPX stands for Generation of Power and Extraordinary.

According to Marsha, this name will be used if the team esports will be made go international because it is considered more selling when compared to the Ax Gang which is very Indonesian.

Who here supports the GPX team? Which division do you follow the most? updates newest? Let us know in the comments column, OK?

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