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RRQ Hoshi is fierce at the top of the standings!

RRQ Hoshi is steadily growing at the top of the current MPL ID Season 9 standings after successfully sweeping two full points against Rebellion Zion. Even though RBL Zion appeared with Jisaa who had been reserved, he still couldn’t do much against R7 and friends. What was the match like? Here’s the recap!

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First Game

Games The first time between RRQ Hoshi and Rebellion Zion was quite hot and very fierce. Both teams managed to appear aggressive buying and selling attacks since the beginning of the match. Enter mid gameslowly RRQ Hoshi showed his fangs and was able to outperform Jisaa and friends.

Skylar who was given the opportunity to use hero its flagship, Beatrix, really did not disappoint and was able to once again prove her class as one of the player best MM. damage-its very big in late game can be the difference in this match.


Even if you don’t do kill In many ways, Skylar and Clay’s Cecilion really became the differentiating factor for the two teams. Even so, the RBL defense deserves thumbs up until finally RRQ Hoshi could only finish off their resistance in the 43rd minute with a score of 24-19. Score 1-0 to RRQ Hoshi.

Second Game

Enter games second, RRQ Hoshi still rely on draft pick the same as games first where Albertt is with his Haybusa, Clay is wearing Cecilion, and R7 is wearing Grock. The result is quite similar to games first.

The difference is, RRQ Hoshi was able to dominate the fight quite smoothly this time. It only took 14 minutes for Alberttt and his friends to end the RBL Zion resistance. Clay is again a frightening specter in this match by becoming MVP after recording 1 kill and 11 assist without being touched.


With this result, RRQ Hoshi is even more solid at the top of the MPL ID season 9 standings and is getting less and less caught up with 16 points. It will be interesting to see if RRQ Hoshi are able to consistently maintain their performance in the rounds playoffs until you become a champion? Let’s just wait, shall we!

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