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The 7 Best Pixar Movies That Give Life Lessons

25th Pixar Movies, Turning Red expressive, colorful and sweet, now available to everyone exclusively on Disney+. With the fan-favorite animation studio’s latest entry nearly 30 years old, it seems like a good time to pick the best Pixar movies.

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From living toys to mice with culinary skills, Pixar’s films are unrivaled by far, bringing iconic characters and thrilling adventures to life, and having moments that often melt the hearts of viewers. The question is, which one captivates you the most?

Here are 7 of the best Pixar films selected by Game Spot that you shouldn’t miss!

Turning Red

The best pixar movies Turning red

Still fresh from the oven, Turning Red has stolen the hearts of its viewers very attractively. The story revolves around a 13 year old teenage girl named Mei, who has reached an age where she becomes attracted to the opposite sex. To his surprise, he would turn into a big red panda whenever his emotions took over.

Apart from being a metaphor for a girl going through puberty, her transformation into a panda is also how many people think about how a woman (in general) “behaves emotionally.”

Turning Red also speaks of the impossibility of understanding our parents, who also carry the burden of complicated relationships with their own parents.

Containing boy bandfriendship, motherhood, puberty and bullying, Turning Red is a very interesting treasure trove to kick off the year 2022.


Best pixar movies Coco

Family is a frequent theme of various Pixar films, but it is rarely explored as deeply Coco. The story revolves around Miguel, a 12 year old boy from Saint Cecilia, who wants nothing more than to become a singer and guitarist.

Unfortunately, his family had banned music since his great-grandfather abandoned his wife and child to pursue his art many years earlier.

Has a story that focuses on issues of redemption, understanding, and forgiveness, Coco send Miguel on the most memorable trip to Land of the Deadwhere animator Pixar’s genius managed to produce one of the most colorful and dreamlike visuals.

Inside Out

The best pixar movies Inside Out

According to the concept, Inside Out is roller coasters Pixar’s emotional state, offers what is perhaps the best depiction of how the human body’s memory and emotions work.

Highlighting what goes through an 11 year old girl’s mind as she faces the first major change in her life, Inside out depicts the 5 emotions that run a person’s inner “Headquarters” and lead the viewer on an inventive visual adventure.

Inside out is Pixar’s most emotional genius film ever, teaching parents and kids alike many moments about the need to face all of life’s emotions.



You will believe robots can fall in love in a WALL-E! This was Pixar’s ambitious attempt to create its first film that was almost completely dialogue-free.

The main point of this film is isolation. WALL-E contains an amazing exploration of loneliness and how every living being has an inescapable desire to connect with one another.

Telling the story of WALL-E who just wants to have a partner he can hang with, this is a piercing film mixed with the search for a fun and friendly friendship. relatable.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

Director Andrew Stanton wanted to make a film set in the ocean, but also wanted to share his own bitter memories of being an overprotective father with his young son. So, it makes for an emotional, exciting, and visually beautiful story.

The story follows a frantic clownfish on a desperate quest to find his missing son, Nemo. In his quest, he gets help from the adorable blue tang fish. Lesson Finding Nemo about the importance of letting our children live their own lives, amplified by how terrifying this film is.

The film conveys that we must learn not to imprison our loved ones, we need to release them into a scary world if they are to survive on their own.

The Incredibles


Before MCU, The Incrediblesnow nearly 20 years later, is still considered one of the films Super hero best of all time.

Key to success The Incredibles is a balanced content. We are introduced to a whole new universe, meet an interesting super family, find parents dissatisfied with what has happened in their life.

Then we watch as everyone unites to overcome the evil forces that want to destroy the world. The Incredibles did all of this in less than two hours, but it didn’t look rushed or forcibly compressed.

Toy Story

Toy Story

Twenty years after release Toy Story, this once up-to-date animation is starting to look out of date. Even so, this best comedy of the 90s is still perfect. Film featured Pixar’s first is still a templates for every great film the studio has made since then.

Although the film is full of funny moments, the essence of Toy Story actually very melancholic. The rivalry between Woody and Buzz for Andy’s love speaks to everyone’s fear of being easily replaced, as well as how that childhood didn’t last.

His first film has inspired 4 other films and continues to teach the valuable values ​​of life.


Here are our 7 best Pixar movies, one of which is available on Disney+. The studio also seems ready to step back into theaters again, with lightyear which is coming soon in the summer as his first film in a long time. Will the film displace one of the best titles above?

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