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These are the Best Characters to Pair with Pet Zasil in Free Fire!

Free Fire officially just presented pet Their newest one is Zasil. This one pet has a pretty great power.

Even so, not all characters can be paired with this pet. Why is that? This is because each character has a skills different, not all skills of a character match skills owned by Zasil.

So instead of being confused looking for characters Free fire whatever is suitable to be paired with Zasil’s pet, Game Spot will provide the information for you. Read on for the information!



First, there is the Kapella character that is suitable to be paired with Zasil’s pet. Kapella is a character that is often used to be support.

That way, if Kapella is paired with Zasil, then it’s time to use aid kits, med kits, and others will be faster. You will not spend time to fill HP and can immediately help your friends to fight.

This combo is very suitable for players who hold role support.



Next is the Maxim character that you can use with Zasil. Just like Kapella, Maxim can also reduce the time you use healingso that time healing will be much faster than usual.

With fast healing time, you can move quickly and help friends. Time healing which will be very fast and will have a tremendous impact, especially when you are at war.



For those of you supporters, you must be familiar with Olivia’s character. Olivia is a woman who likes to help and works in the medical department.

This character can help revived players with his skill called Healing Touch. Skills this will give players additional HP after being revive by Olivia’s character.

At max level, Olivia can give up to 80 HP to her team members. With a cellphone that is almost full, you only need to boot and the boot time itself will be fast because there is help from Zasil.



Luqueta is a football player. This character will give you additional HP every time you do kill. This character has skills named “Hat-trick skill”.

At the max level of additional HP you can get 25-50 HP. Surely that’s quite a large amount and you guys can do healing quickly if you use Zasil as your partner.



Finally there is Shani’s character that matches pet Zasil. This one character can provide defense to vest We.

If you get hit hitso vest will slowly return without a scratch. But keep in mind that you may still have to use repair kits.

This character is very suitable to be used with Shani, because the two complement each other. Vest which is safe if using Shani and also heal quickly by using Zasil.

So, those are some characters that match Zasil in Free fire. In your opinion, which character do you like the most to use Zasil?

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