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Top Up MLBB Diamonds with UniPin Vouchers, Win Exclusive MLBB Skins

Hi UniPin Friends,

Watch the excitement of your favorite team competing in the MLBB UniPin Indomaret Championship (UIC) tournament on YouTube Channel: UniPin Gaming and also YouTube Channel: Indomaret on April 2 – 3 & April 9 – 10 2022.

Top up your MLBB Diamonds on UniPin using a UniPin Voucher and get a chance to win cool MLBB skins.

Want to know more? Let’s see below!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Promo period: April 1 – April 10, 2022
  2. Buy UniPin Vouchers at the nearest Indomaret
  3. Visit the UniPin website and login to your UniPin account
  4. Then choose to top up your Diamonds using a UniPin Voucher or click here Top up MLBB
  5. 20 lucky people will be chosen to get an MLBB skin based on the table below:
Hero NameSkin TypeSkin NameQTY
KhufraStarlight SkinDreadful Clown2
GuisonStarlight SkinCyber ​​Ops2
NanaEpic SkinMecha Baby2
ValirEpic SkinDraconic Flame2
LeomordSpecial SkinsJack-o’-lantern2
BalmondSpecial SkinsSavage Point Guard2
BaxiaSpecial SkinsB-tender2
GuinevereSpecial SkinsSakura Wishes2
CecilionElite SkinsThe Illusionist2
CarmiliaElite SkinsMagician Girl2
  1. The MLBB skin will be sent in the form of a code to your UniPin email
  2. The MLBB skin code can be redeemed before 30 March 2022 here
  3. UniPin reserves the right to change the terms of the prize recipient at any time without prior notice in the event of fraud.
  4. UniPin’s decision in determining the winner cannot be contested and is absolute.

Happy gaming, UniPin friends!

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