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Wild Rift Released from SEA Games, Here's Manager's Response

The shocking news came from the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI), through an official statement received Game Spot related cancellation of four match numbers esports for SEA Games 2022 Vietnam.

Previously, PBESI had selected 66 athletes from 10 sports competitions esports through training. After further review by the team review PPON Kemenpora, then with a heavy heart PBESI decided to cancel the participation of four sports esports the following for the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games:

  1. Arena of Valor
  2. League of Legends PC
  3. League of Legends Wild Rift Men
  4. League of Legends Wild Rift Women

In the release described downsizing occurs over review which has been carried out by the Kemenpora National Sports Achievement Improvement (PPON) team. Not only esportsseveral other match numbers also received a reduction in the number of contingents dispatched.

All contingents from various sports including esports experienced a downsizing of up to 43.4%, where the number of athletes that previously reached 841 athletes from 52 sports was reduced to 476 athletes from 31 sports,” wrote the release on Tuesday (5/04/2022).


Further, Team leader review PPON, Moh. Asmawi, explained that the reduction was also assessed from the track record of the achievements of each match number at the previous SEA Games. Not only that, organizational problems are also one of the considerations of the downsizing.

“This downsizing decision was taken after conducting an assessment for various reasons, such as no track record of achievement, no chance of medals, and having organizational problems. So, the Ministry of Youth and Sports chose to make budget efficiency so that they can focus better on facing the 2022 Asian Games and 2022 Olympics,” he said.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-05 at 15.09.39

Game Spot successfully interviewed the Manager of Wild Rift Men SEA Games 2022 Vietnam, Alvin ‘Ahok’. He admitted that he was surprised by the news and assessed that the athletes in the match numbers had struggled hard during the national training camp (national training) last March.

“The feeling when I heard the news about the cut in the number of matches, of course, was mixed, for sure. Because I see very well how the spirit and hard work of athletes, coachand analyst during training. I think more about the feelings of friends who don’t go, they will be very disappointed,” he said via WhatsApp on Tuesday (5/4/2022).

Alvin explained that he felt quite sad because he could not apply what he had learned in the national training to help Indonesia win a gold medal in this sport. esports. On the other hand, Alvin also admitted that he had returned to his previous routine because he no longer held the position as a manager.

“Of course we can resume life as usual. Have to start looking for work again. Feeling useless, not completely. There are several things that make me more open to things and many more. But it’s a shame that I can’t participate in defending Indonesia as a match number Wild Rift Men. What we have prepared at the National Training Center will not be realized in Vietnam later,” he explained.

Alvin added that the other match numbers who can still fight for gold to continue to focus on the initial goal.

For sports esports who will fight later, stay focused on our goals, continue the struggle of friends who cannot go and carry the good name of Indonesia!” he concluded.

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