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10 Interesting Facts About The Eternals Series | Former Avengers Member?

MCU eternals series
Eternals Series Unique Facts

Sersi was first introduced in the comic The Eternals #3 in 1976, the daughter of an Eternals named Helios and Perse came from Greece, and possibly she was born in Olympia not long after the disappearance of the great continents of Atlantis and Lemuria as a result of the great disaster that was then is happening, it’s happening right in the ice age.

Even though she was born as a female Eternal, her strength is rumored to be more powerful than the other members, besides that, Sersi’s uniqueness is also in her completely different nature, when other members are more introverted and keep their distance from humans, Sersi is on the contrary, she has a close relationship. emotional relationship with humans from Ancient Greece to the modern era.

Here are 10 Interesting Facts about The Eternals Series:

1. Choose to UNI-MIND on Tiamut for the sake of Human Safety

Tiamut is one of the Celestials nicknamed The Dreaming Celestial. In the comic version, when the Horde visited the earth because the tiamut had woken up from a long sleep, he actually showed his partiality to the creatures on earth by speaking directly to Fulcrum for the sake of the earth so that it would still exist, miraculously the request was granted.

In the MCU version, Tiamut is told like a baby who has just been born to earth, but the birth of tiamut will destroy the whole earth. The eternals mission in the MCU is to pave the way for the birth of this new celestial, but some of them actually show empathy for the earth, and among them is Sersi who insists on keeping tiamut asleep by doing Uni-Mind.

2. Leader of the Substitute Eternals Invite

In the MCU version as shown to the audience, Ajak’s death was caused by Ikkari’s betrayal, he took him to the Deviant’s lair, then pushed him into the middle of the Deviant crowd and finally he had to die.

One of the abilities of the Eternals leader is communicating with the Celestials, well after the death of Ajak, this special ability then transferred to Sersi. At the end of the film, the audience is shown how Sersi starts the Uni-mind and executes a new celestial that will be born.

3. Can Communicate With Celestial

Not all Eternals are equipped with this ability, only the chosen ones can communicate with the Celestials whenever they want. In general, it is the leader of the Eternals who is granted this ability. Sersi has this special ability after the departure of Ajak. He started his first communication with Arishem The Judge the judge.

4. Socialite

Sersi has been through and seen various kinds of civilizations on earth, from the early civilizations of Mesopotamia to modern times. Of all these civilizations, Sersi is always present and mingle with the inhabitants of the earth, namely humans, occasionally he helps restore the situation, to establish love with humans.

Unlike most Eternals, who prefer to retreat to places far from the crowds.

5. Have a Complicated Love Triangle

Sersi was once interested in Steve Roger aka Captain America, the two of them had one mission. However, the two never had a special relationship. His romantic relationship with Ikkaris was long enough, until finally, Sersi, a socialite, decided to have a love relationship with a human named Dane Whitman, a historian.

While in a relationship with Dane Whiteman, Sersi’s status was still Ikkari’s lover, this love triangle was unbeknownst to Ikkaris, even Whitman didn’t know it at first.

6. Former Avengers

As an Eternals, Sersi has also been a member of the Avengers. This was done because at that time he was interested in a Steve Roger, then Steve Roger himself asked Sersi to join. He has also lived several Avenger missions with other avenger members.

7. High Level Transmutation Ability

Even though her fighting ability is at the standard level, behind that, Sersi focuses more of her strength into the Transmutation ability, which is magic power in the form of illusions that her opponent will receive when dealing directly with Sersi.

8. Feared Psonic Ability

With this ability, it is possible for Sersi to regulate the molecular structure of objects more powerfully than other Eternals. Even the supreme leader of the Eternals named Zuras is afraid of Sersi because of her Psonic abilities.

9. Strongest Eternals

Because he has psionic abilities, Sersi is greatly feared by the highest leadership and even other Eternals, even the Sprites themselves have claimed that Sersi is the Strongest Eternals because they are equipped with several special abilities above average.

10. Mahd Wy’ry .’s Disease

Although the Eternals are known as Gods, have long and even immortal lives, this claim does not make them immune to disease. Mahd Wy’ry’s disease is a common disease suffered by these Eternals, because the accumulated thoughts and experiences of centuries make their minds burdened with too many memories, so that this can destroy the minds of the Eternals.

So, those are 10 Interesting Facts about The Eternals Series that Eternals fans and Marvel Comics fans should know.

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