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11 Interesting Hunza Facts and Beauty Secrets of Their Girls | Hunza Valley

hunza valley view
Hunza Valley

Each tribe must have its own traditions and culture, this is related to the environment in which they live. It is undeniable that each tribe always has its own uniqueness, even though it is still in one land, this uniqueness arises because of the pattern of life and mindset that is passed down from generation to generation. They have their own standards and values.

Likewise about appearance, everyone would want to look perfect, like a woman who wants to always look beautiful in front of her man, this can’t be denied, but the fact is; everyone has their own standards and values ​​for this one. This standard does not only apply to men, women also have their own standards in assessing the appearance of the man.

Speaking of appearance, there are tribes where women are willing to put accessories such as bracelets on the neck, so that their necks look elongated because they are filled with these accessories, their assessment is that more and more these accessories are attached to the neck, making them beautiful women in the tribe. And there are also those who shrink their feet by using narrow shoes, the smaller women’s feet, making them more beautiful in the eyes of men. This proves that beauty has its own standards in each tribe.

hunza girl facts

In Pakistan there is a tribe that is known worldwide for the beauty of its girls. How can it be worldwide just because of the beauty of the women?, actually not only that, just curious, here are some interesting facts about the Hunza valley tribe;

1. The location is flanked by the 3 largest mountains in the world

The Hunza are located in Karimba, flanked by the three largest mountains, the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Pamirs. Due to its strategic position, the Hunza valley presents a very beautiful view for residents there and tourists who travel to Hunza.

2. Longevity

The people of the Hunza valley are also known because the age of the inhabitants is up to 160 years. As quoted from Verywell Health; women in the Hunza valley are still doing farming and other occupations such as livestock, at the age of 100 years.

When compared with life expectancy in metropolitan cities which is only up to 65 years. So don’t be surprised if those of you who visit there see women who are in their 40s and still look like they are 25 years old.

3. Simple Life

The high tolerance of Hunza residents makes them very friendly with tourists who visit there. Some tourists say; When you are in the Hunza valley, you see the other side of life, there are no high-rise buildings, what you will find is a row of simple houses with residents who are always smiling.

4. Free from Illiteracy

According to the Independent, the majority of the population of Hunza is Muslim, the people of the Hunza valley are also the highest population free from illiteracy which is about 77% of the population and 90% of the women are free from illiteracy. This is a very high value in one area. When compared to the total population of Pakistan, which is free from illiteracy, only 58%.

5. Almost no Crime

Still from the same source, the residents of the Hunza valley almost never experience crime, the residents live in peace with one another.

6. Women can get pregnant at 65 years old

hunza valley tribe

In the Hunza Valley pregnant at the age of 65 is not something strange, it sounds implausible, but this is supported by observations made by several researchers, and one of them is Dr. Robert McCarrison from Scotland.

Dr. Robert became the first researcher to share his findings about the people of the Hunza valley with the longevity and beauty of their women.

7. Known as the Valley of Happiness

Have a simple view of life, live in peace among its inhabitants, with various findings of Dr. Robert McCarrison, he called the Hunza valley the valley of happiness.

8. People are almost free from disease

In the 1970s, researchers from National Geographic plunged straight into the Hunza valley with several doctors. The results of the study stated that almost all the elderly in the Hunza valley are in good health, full of vitality that makes them live long and can get pregnant at the age of 65 years. Most of the population is free from various diseases.

9. Vegetarian Lifestyle

The secret of the inhabitants of the Hunza valley who live long and free from disease, according to Dr.Robert McCarison, lies in their diet. Almost 99% of Hunza residents are Vegetarian, their processed food is still very traditional which is free of fat and flavored packaging.

Most foods are served raw, such as fruits and vegetables.

10. The secret to the beauty of the girls

From an early age, the children of the Hunza valley always practice a healthy life such as being active in sports, doing yoga and fasting, even the Hunza people are very concerned about the type of food they consume.

In addition, there is a secret ingredient that they always consume, drink like tea, they call it Tumuru. Tumuru is brewed with warm water, ice water from the mountains that is cooked until it boils. By drinking this concoction is believed to make their skin smoother.

11. Be the Inspiration for the Novel Lost Horizon

Quoted from wikipedia; Lost Horizon is a fantasy genre adventure novel written by James Hilton in 1933. In the novel there is a mystical valley with the name Shangri-La, it is told that the people who live in this valley live almost eternally.

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