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5 Basic Ingredients for Making Vandels or Plaques | Advantages and Disadvantages

vandel material
source: Facebook vandel placard Klaten

Vandel is one of the souvenirs that we often see and use as a memento to remember an important event, such as organizational activities, sports and others.

Vandel has a variety of shapes that can be customized as needed, generally the size of this one souvenir is only as wide as an adult’s palm.

So far, Vandel is also known by the public as placards, although these two names refer to different objects, the term placard which is also intended for vandel is very familiar, so these two terms are always used to designate the same object.

When you see Vandel, there must be one question that will arise in your mind regarding the materials used in making this souvenir, therefore; In this post, we will share what materials are used to make Vandel or Plaques

The following materials are used for the manufacture of vandels or plaques

Various sources say the difference in these materials does not mean presenting a special function of each,

This type of stone is indeed quite often applied as a basic material for crafts and home accessories, textures with exotic patterns and abstract motifs can make the resulting object have a very high artistic value, including vandel when using marble.

Wooden plaques are no less attractive when compared to marble, for the motifs themselves can be easily customized, whether carved or manually painted. When compared to Marble, wooden vandels are much lighter.

In addition, the price offered is quite affordable, since the basic ingredients are easy to obtain.

Acrylic vandels are made from polymers in the form of a resin mixture, then molded according to shape. The advantage of acrylic lies in its resistance, even if it is bumped or dropped, Acrylic vandels are not easily damaged.

acrylic material vandel
Source: Tokopedia (example of acrylic placard vandel)

The use of glass in the manufacture of plaques may be very difficult to find, because glass is very susceptible to impact, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist at all.

Plaques made of metal are also very difficult to find, usually made because there are requests from certain parties.


Vandels that we often encounter are generally sold at affordable prices in online shops, mostly made of marble, wood or acrylic.

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