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5 Easy Ways to Install NFC on a Non-NFC Android Phone | No Root

add nfc on android phone
add NFC mobile android

On average, the latest smartphones have been upgraded by embedding various new features, although the latest features are always equipped with display upgrades, but actually what users are looking for is not just an attractive appearance, useful features will be an advantage and this is where the real selling point lies.

The NFC feature is one of those things, when the cellphone is equipped with this feature, there are many benefits that can be obtained from it, and all of them aim to make it easier for the user.

NFC Functions and Benefits

Because the presence of this feature is to make it easier for smartphone users, so in this case, everything leads to automatic operation, just by bringing the device closer to another device, the process will be carried out automatically, so what are the benefits that can be obtained from NFC;

  1. Send pictures
  2. document files
  3. transaction
  4. balance check
  5. e-money

The five points above are just a small example of the benefits that users can take from the presence of NFC.

For smartphone users who already have NFC, you can try it right away after reading this, but what about the Android phone that doesn’t have NFC yet? there are other options if you want to install NFC on a non-NFC cellphone.

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Install NFC on a Non-NFC Android Hp | Latest

  • Using Micro SD NFC

Not a few users who take shortcuts when they want to enjoy the features offered by the presence of NFC, installing a Micro SD NFC is a surefire solution, but unfortunately, the existence of this product is fairly rare. This method is also quite safe because the process only replaces the Micro SD or storage memory equipped with the NFC feature.

  • Adding an External NFC Adapter

Until now, how to add an NFC External Adapter is very popular among Android users, besides being able to be installed or removed, this method is quite easy and safe. The device can also be easily obtained from online shops at affordable prices.

  • Adding Hardware to Android Phones

This method can be taken if the smartphone processor supports additional hardware in it. Taking this path is quite risky if you do not use the services of a service.
In Indonesia, this technology may still be difficult to find, but several countries have in fact developed NFC-based SiM cards for public purposes, such as transactions and so on. That country is Singapore.
Currently, NFC stickers are still limited, because you could say they are still in the testing process. One of the developers of this Sticker is Samsung.


Of the five ways, the most likely to be used at this time is to add an external adapter and internal hardware.

However, to explain further, whether the smartphone used can or cannot be installed with NFC, please go and ask the nearest android cellphone brand store.

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