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5 Fake GPS Locations in Mobile Legends | Guaranteed Title Supreme

fake location gps mobile legends
Fake GPS supreme

When it comes to our favorite heroes, we all have our own answers, some of them might be the same, but for the roles themselves, there are certainly many similarities, because clearly in Mobile Legends there are only a few roles, such as tank, assassin, fighter, marksman, mage, and so on. support.

But this time we will not discuss both, my friend, you can see the title above, so that’s what we are sharing in this post.

Previously, it was discussed about using fake GPS to change the area related to the title, for now, so that you don’t get confused in choosing the target area so that it is easy and easy to get the supreme title in the game.

Now, the locations mentioned below have a fairly quiet number of MLBB players, and some of them have been tried and proven.


The following 5 fake GPS locations for Mobile Legends are guaranteed by Supreme:

1. Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)

2. Andalucia (Spain)

3. Principado de Asturias (Spain)

4. Cantabria (Spain)

5. Comunidad Valenciana (Spain)

Actually, there are still many other areas that can be explored, especially areas where there are very few or no MLBB players.

Had time to share on discord omlet, not a promotion, yes, many have said and have tried it, for the European region there are still many areas that have not been explored.

Please take advantage of that information, it can’t also be said in more detail what country and where it is for sure.

Why not include other regions in the list as well?

It’s not that I don’t want to include it, because I’ve never tried it personally, so I’m going to say that I know again, so I’m still not sure. Maybe you can find out for yourself related to other regions and areas.

So the list above has you tried it?

The answer is yes, even just a few hero matches have been able to perch on the supreme title.

Yup, so those are 5 regions or areas that can be used as references, allowing friends to get the supreme title in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Next, my friend just needs to try one by one and the end of the word congratulations push rank, throw away the negative side, take the positive.

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