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5 Most Difficult Achievements in Minecraft | PE and PC

how to complete minecraft achievements
Most difficult achievement In Minecraft

Achievement is an achievement, if we complete a certain mission, the reward received by the player is in the form of an achievement or you could say a reward.

In the Minecraft Achievement game, it can be in the form of character skins and certain items, which we can use to beautify the character.

But actually collecting Achievements is not just wanting the reward, at first glance the rewards offered are far from wah, but as players, of course, there is satisfaction if we can achieve these achievements by completing certain tasks.

The fact is that in minecraft there are a lot of difficult Achievements to achieve, it takes a long time, days, weeks, some even up to 1 month to complete a task in order to receive an Achievement, depending on the player as well.

From these facts, here are the 5 most difficult achievements in Minecraft:

1. Cover Me In Debris

the first is Cover Me In The Breez, this one achievement can be said to be easy and difficult, though for sure, but to get full Netherite armor we need Ancient Debris in large quantities.

You know how difficult it is to get 1 Ancient Debris, one of the rare items in the Nether Map.

2. Moscow

For players who like adventure in Minecraft, achieving this one might be a little easier, let alone having the ability to read map coordinates, because during missions, first of all players are required to find the Hidden Treasure map.

After getting the Hidden Treasure map, the next mission is to find the treasure that has been marked on the map, in the form of a chest inside containing “Heart of The Sea”.

Not yet finished, players must get the “Necklen Shield” for further crafting with “Heart of The Sea” to produce the item “Conduit Power”.

3. Beaconators

The next achievement is that players have to build a Beacon platform with Full Power effects, remember here Full Power, not just a 3 block platform, but there are many blocks to produce full power effects.

4. Adventure Time

The more here, of course, the Achievements offered are getting more difficult, to be able to complete the 4th point, we have to do an adventure over world in the minecraft world to find 42 Biomes.

The numbers look small, but because the position of the Biome is scattered in every corner of the map, so it’s not an easy thing, since the world of minecraft is vast.

5. How Did We Get Here ?

This is the most difficult achievement of the hardest, the reason is quite clear, you have to apply all the effects in Minecraft, there are 26 effects simultaneously.

Well, after reading this, maybe some of you are called to complete the 5 Achievements, if so, good luck.

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