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5 of the first and strongest tank heroes of their time in the Mobile legends game

The newest strongest tank hero

Playing in the tank role position is not easy, their role is like a punching bag, has thick cellphones, but minimal damage. If you think the presence of this role is useless in moba game matches, unfortunately you are wrong, a very high hp level allows the tank hero to withstand the opponent’s attack longer, often gets bad treatment in the team, the sacrifice is often not appreciated at all. Although almost all tanks in Mobile Legends are difficult to eliminate opponents, the benchmark for whether they are useful or not is determined by how many assists they get and their sacrifices when one of the heroes on the team is attacked by the enemy. If someone judges it based on the number of kills, I think that’s not fair.

Starting from the first time it was released as a complement to the role game, the role of the tank was felt, especially when the moment the team fight took place, its presence seemed to be the most powerful hero, in the front position, so a target for shooting, hitting and lunging, if you are provoked, you take out all the skills to attack. hit a hero of this type, then indirectly their mission has succeeded in tricking the opponent’s hero, that way, his teammates can finish off an enemy who is helpless, because it’s still a cooldown skill.

Among friends, there must be those who are increasingly curious after reading the information above, to answer your curiosity, this is the list of the first 5 Tanks in the Mobile legends game.

– Hero Tank Tigreal

In the first place there is Tigreal, this hero is still often used during MLBB matches, that means he is still believed to be a reliable tank, how can he not; Holding the attributes of being the first tank character made by Moonton, Tigreal is often the culprit of rioters in the opponent’s jungle, has very high durability, equipped with physical and magic defense capabilities. Never attack him alone when the Tigreal build item is complete, this can be said to be a futile action, especially when this hero is in the hands of the right person, my friend will be overwhelmed by it. When it’s time to war, Tigreal looks like an innocent person, casually advances into the opponent’s line, then releases the ultimate which causes the opponent to be sucked in and causes stun.

– Hero Tank Akai

At the beginning of his presence, Akai seemed to be devoid of interest, only a few players used this hero, skll and his ultimate were considered completely useless, so that not a few players finally ignored Akai’s role as a tank in mlbb. However, because Moonton’s attention is quite high on the gameplay of their hero, Akai is then revamped, comes with a new, more frightening ability, rotates among the crowd of opponents, his job is to break down the defensive formation, so that separated opponents can be easily eliminated by the team. Was respected by most players, in the past Akai was often the target of being banned.

– Hero Tank Franco

The third position is Franco. Do you know what Franco said?, “I like the smell of gunpowder in the morning”;D. This is the funniest tank in my opinion, from the past until now it’s difficult to focus on playing if a teammate uses this hero, the way it just makes you laugh. Remember, during sessions 3-5, Franco users may be counted on their fingers. But make no mistake, despite his hilarious appearance, franco can be a serious threat to fanny and hayabusa when ganking into the turret.

– Hero Tank Minotour

Listening to Minotour’s name, remember the times when his combo with Odette made the enemy wipe out, the bull is known to like to shoot, but even though this tank is basically a bull, he prefers to jump up and down when he’s angry.

– Lolita Tank Hero

I don’t think that Lolita also turns out to be one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends, who would have thought that this cute girl was made with a basic tank by Moonton, if you have released the ultimate, one opposing team can stun together, being the strongest tank in its time.

So, those are the first 5 Hero tanks in Mobile Legends, there must be some of your friends who have been playing for a long time but only now know about it, I think that’s normal.

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