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5 Popular Horror Games on Roblox | Dare to Play?

Scary game on roblox
Horror Games On Roblox

Some of you must have a hobby with mystical stories, about ghosts, or maybe there are those whose hobbies are reading SCP stories, those are creatures with strange shapes in short, you can call them aliens.

Sometimes it’s weird, why do scary stories have an appeal, especially those related to paranormal events, even though this is the reason sometimes it makes it hard to sleep, because you keep thinking about it, but even so, to be honest, horror stories are addictive.

To the extent that there are films and video games out there with horror themes.

Roblox doesn’t want to be left behind, because there are so many fans of this genre, there are lots of choices of games with horror themes on this platform. No need to linger, my friend must also be impatient to see the list, what is it?,

So, here are 5 Popular Horror Games on Roblox:

1. The Asylum

In the first serial number there is The Asylum. The game is covered in a horror atmosphere, this can be seen from how the lighting is so dim and even has very little light. When playing this game, we will be invited to have a horror adventure by exploring every corner of the room and the map in the game.

2. The True Backrooms

This one game will be really full of mystery, where the players are brought to pass obstacles and escape from a building, my friend will not be able to see the surroundings if you don’t use a flashlight. Therefore, players will be provided with a flashlight so they can escape and leave the building.

In this mission, you can be sure to meet creatures with strange and scary shapes.

3. The Apartment

As we know, apartments are always synonymous with buildings that have floors and many rooms on each floor.

Buddy can imagine for yourself, the impression of horror that will be encountered in this game. Each floor will be presented with various spooky moments, the higher the level of horror, of course, the more gripping.

4. School History

There are scattered horror stories out there related to old school buildings. Well, my friend doesn’t have to go directly to feel the horror sensation, because it’s obviously very dangerous. Through this game, my friend can feel the same way.

5. It Lurks

While sleeping, then we have nightmares, of course when we wake up, my friend will feel an uncomfortable sensation, the surrounding room will feel so horror, as if the incident really happened at that time.

In the game It Lurks, will display various kinds of nightmares, of course the mission of the player must dodge and get out to win the game.

How about it, do you have an idea, are you getting interested?, or my friend can’t wait to go on an adventure to feel the horror atmosphere on Roblox, maybe confused with the options above, please try one by one and feel the horror in it.

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