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5 Popular Shooting Games On Roblox | FPS Area

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Confused about playing shooting games on Roblox, but don’t know the name, this post is specifically for friends who are looking for shooting-themed games. We will share 5 lists of popular shooting video game genre names found on the Roblox platform.

Are you curious?, some have been played, the rest are the results of sharing in the Roblox community, let’s check the list right away.

These are 5 popular shooting games on Roblox

1. Big Paintball

Hearing the word paintball, maybe for some of you it’s familiar, a game that is equipped with bullets filled with ink or the like, if hit by this bullet, your character will be filled with ink or colorful paint.

2. Phantom Forces

In second place is Phantom Forces, based on FPS, with a typical Roblox graphic appearance, players will join other players in a team to fight other teams. This is not much different from games that have been popular in Indonesia, especially for those of you who have enjoyed playing point blank at an internet cafe with your friends.

3. Call of Roblox

Are there COD fans?, if so, the only difference between COD and COR games is the shape of the characters, but in terms of story and gameplay, the two are almost the same.

4. Block Counter

Maybe you are already familiar with the shooting game called Counter Strike, Counter Blok is indeed inspired by the game, the proof is that some features such as maps are very similar to the old legendary game, namely CS or Counter Strike.

5. Bad Business

So far, this game has been played by more than 100 million players, maybe when you open this post, this game may have almost touched 1 billion visitors.

Bad Bussines was developed by a developer with the same name as the name of the game. Based on FPS games and its existence is quite popular among FPS game lovers on Roblox.

From the list of 5 games above, which one do you want to explore first, please provide feedback below.

There are many more video games with the same genre, and no less interesting than the list above, for the rest, please do further exploration of the platform. May be useful.

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