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5 Ways to Overcome Hp Xiaomi Lag When Playing Online Games | 95% Work

how to fix xiaomi cellphone lag

Your Xiaomi Android cellphone lags when playing online games, you can try this method so that the games you play run smoothly again.

Android smartphone users, no matter how high the hardware specifications, must have faced lag problems, especially when playing games. The game referred to here is more of an online game, such as: Mobile Legends, Free Fire, Pubg and others.

Although not a few offline games have graphics above average or high spec, it is certain that the obstacles that often arise always come from online games.

The main cause is data usage, this can affect the overall android phone, both hardware and software, thus making our android devices have to work hard when processing data that comes from outside.

Therefore, in this post, we will share how to make Android phones always run smoothly when surfing online games;

Here’s How To Overcome Hp Xiaomi Lag When Playing Online Games:

fix the xiaomi cellphone playing games

Before that, there are several things to note, including:

  • Does your Xiaomi cellphone spec support online gaming specifications?
  • Does the signal at your place support?

The two questions above are to find common causes for Android phones to lag when playing online games, if both support it but still experience lag, here’s what needs to be done:

  • Clear Cache to increase memory space

Cleaning the cache until now is still powerful enough to make space on android phone storage, this is a simple trick that is always done when there are notifications or “storage space” reports, especially on xiamoi cellphones.

  • Install unused apps

Actually, this second point has almost the same purpose as the first, which is to provide space for memory, but this has more advantages, especially since the deleted applications are real-time in data usage. So by removing the application, it not only reduces the memory load, but also data usage.

  • Turn off data in all online applications except the game to be played

The process that occurs on an Android cellphone will be even more difficult if there are many applications that process in real time when using data, disabling the data in question is only temporary, when you are about to play online games, after that, it can be reactivated. The goal is that the data used focus on the game being played.

The process of locking the network aims to keep the android mobile network stable, this can also help the hardware so that it doesn’t work too hard if there is a signal spike from strong to low or vice versa. If you get an Android phone that suddenly gets hot even though you don’t run many applications, it could be a sign that the signal is unstable.

  • Upgrade RAM / Increase Internal Memory Space

The last step that can be done if the RAM on the Xiaomi android phone has too little space, that is by upgrading the RAM to a large space.

hp lag playing mlbb


The 5 methods above have a fairly high success rate, you can choose one or do all five so that the performance of the Xiaomi android cellphone returns to its maximum when accessing online games.

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