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5 Ways to Spawn Warden in Minecraft | MCPE, Java and Bedrock

spawn warden mcpe
spawn Warden on MC PC & Android

Warden is one of the most scary Mobs in Minecraft, not only is it a scary shape, the article is that this Mob can paralyze players with just a few attacks. its presence will be a terror for the players who are inside while playing survival.

But don’t be afraid, the Warden itself is limited in number, he will only appear in one place known as the Ancient City. Located at a certain depth, the spawn distance will be limited to areas adjacent to the sculk sensor and sculk shrieker.

The appearance of the Warden is always marked by a darkness effect that makes your android screen suddenly dark. The appearance of the Warden is triggered by a sound that will send a signal to the sculk sensor and sculk shrieker, this sound is transmitted to the Warden who is underground.

Some of the methods below can be used for those of you who want to bring a warden in the area around where you are on the Minecraft map:

Before going into the method, I whisper this, the methods below you can develop to prank your Minecraft friends, whether it’s Survival or Creative mode. That’s all, here’s how to spawn Mob Warden in MCPE, Pocket Editon, Java and Bedrock:

1. Using Sculk Shrieker

The first way, we can use Sculk Shrieker, place this item where you want to spwan Warden. After that, just stand on it until this item emits a strange sound and wave effect, wait for the Darkness effect to appear. When this darkness effect appears, then this is the time when you will see the warden coming out of the ground.

2. Using Sculk Shrieker + Redstone

The second way, this is actually just a variation of the first method, but this method is a bit safe for players to keep their distance. place the Sculk Sensor as in the first method, create a redstone path of several blocks to provide distance, then place the lever or button, and activate it.

3. Using Scluk sensor + Redstone + Sculk Shrieker

This is the safest, the Warden’s spawn distance with the player is quite far, first place the sculk shrieker, create a redstone path, then install the scluk sensor and make a redstone path, then install the button or lever, your next task is to activate the lever or button, pay attention to the Warden who will spawn around the Sculk Shrieker.

4. Use Chess + Sculk Shrieker

If you want to use a simple method, you can use this one technique, its application is very easy, place these two items close together, when you open the chess, the sound will provoke the Sculk shrieker to activate.

5. Use Minecart + Rail + Sculk Shrieker

The last variation, we use a combination of these three items, install a rail line to hit the Sculk Shrieker, after the track is complete, please hit the item using a minecart that runs on the rails.

So, those are some variations of ways for those of you who want to call the Warden to be present around the area where you are. This is most suitable if you are a jailer who likes to prank friends in the same folder. Good luck.

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