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6 Countries Fake GPS Locations MLBB | Just Playing AUTO Supreme

the latest mlbb fake gps location
MLBB Fake GPS Countries

Try again and again, so you can guess, the one reading this must be one of the MLBB players, how do you guess right? very serious.

Mobile legends or MLBB from the beginning until this post was written have a myriad of features that can be explored by players, ranging from events, achievements, title badges and so on, if you mention everything it can be a long story.

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Considering that there are millions of players who play this game, of course there is tremendous competition in the game, one of which is the struggle for badges and road leaderboard titles.

For friends who are in areas with many players, it will definitely be very difficult to get this title, let alone the supreme title, perching on the bronze title is probably difficult.

That’s why not a few are using fake gps as another alternative to get this title, changing locations in the game to connect to the leaderboard in other places and other countries.

Average fake gps destinations to locations with few MLBB players.

Please note, what will be listed below is only a list of countries, not provinces, so the opportunities themselves are still very wide.

So, here are 6 countries that are empty of MLBB players, this could be a Fake GPS destination, several times using Mobile Legends heroes can perch Supreme:


I happened to have tried it, and finally, Natan’s hero with 800 MMR could perch on the Supreme 80’s, isn’t that great, MMR is only shallow but immediately perched on the Supreme leaderboard.

2. Poland

For Poland itself, the last time I got the info, I can get Supreme with MMR 1500

3. Bulgaria

Well, this is one of the most delicious MLBB fake GPS destinations, because there are almost no players at this location, maybe if the new hero is only 1-2x the rank can be supreme.

4. Bolivia

The next location is Bolivia, only armed with MMR 1200, some heroes will enter the leaderboard, the bronze title is definitely available.

5. Romania

If you have been using fake gps in Mobile Legends for a long time, you will definitely be familiar with this one location, because it is easy and doesn’t take long to sit on the leaderboard.

6. Sweden

And the last one is Sweden, this is a good location, maybe you can try it yourself right away.

So, those are the 6 countries where fake GPS MLBB locations can be used to get the Supreme title badge.

If you look at the MMR for each player in each country, your hero’s position can last to the supreme leaderboard, so the lowest is the district or middle title. Better than nothing. Hopefully it will be useful for friends who are looking for fake MLBB GPS locations. Thanks

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