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6 Search Engine Components | Complete with Functions and Examples

what is a search engine
6 Important Search Engine Components

Consciously or not, everything related to the database always has its own search engine, even small devices such as smartphones are equipped with their own search engines.

But before, have you ever wondered “how does a search engine work? How can it be like that? Various questions like this keep haunting you which finally makes you want to find out answers to questions about search engines.

Therefore, in this post, we have summarized “what are the components of a search engine complete with its functions” from various references.

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine or commonly known as a search engine is a program designed to be able to recognize and find certain data or files from a database. Be it a data base on a smartphone, web, PC and others.

What are Search Engine Components?

Components are parts, elements or constituents, while the search engine components are the constituent parts of the search engine itself. Just as humans have their own components such as; heart, heart, feet, hands and so on.

If humans have these parts, what about search engines, what are the constituent components?

Here are 6 Search Engine Components, Complete with Functions:

The database has a very important and arguably the most important role in search engines, without the database search engines will not be able to function, because the source of the results comes from this component. This is where all files are stored, what is displayed as a result or the final search results come from this place.

The Query Interface relates to the display that is presented to the user, this form has a look like a search box and the final result.

The use of search engines is the user, while the search engine itself is a machine, that means when we use a search engine there is an interaction between machines and humans, the two languages ​​are of course different, therefore the presence of a query engine serves as a translator of human language to machine language, vice versa.

Is one component that is quite taken into account its existence. When the data collection process takes place, this component will be responsible for the task.

When viewed as a whole, the function of this spider serves as a path map maker to connect data providers with search engines. Spider also makes it easier for indexers to perform data collection tasks.

This crawler is arguably the twin spider bot, because the way the two work is not much different, if the spider bot made a connecting path to the data, the crawler itself connects the updated data to the user.

Examples of Search Engines

As an addition, some of you must already know the biggest search engine in the world and one of them is Ms. Google, but actually Google can’t say Ms. This is an example of the largest search engine:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Yandex
  5. DuckDuckGo
  6. CC search
  7. Ask

And many more.


So that’s the complete search engine component with functions and examples. This post is intentionally made as short and concise as possible according to the title. Hopefully useful thanks.

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