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7 Unique And Rare Things In Minecraft PE | 1 : 1 Trillion

Interesting facts about minecraft pe
minecraft PE

Talking about Minecraft, it feels like it’s never ending, especially if you intend to discuss details and unique things in it, because even though it feels like there’s no longer anything to discuss, in fact there are still many small things that we might miss.

And on this occasion, there is a very, very rare phenomenon, even old players don’t necessarily know about the existence of this unique phenomenon, the possibility of it happening is very small, maybe even 1: trillions, who knows,

So here are 7 unique and rarest things in Minecraft PE

1. Modified Jungle Edge

The first rare phenomenon is Modified Jungle Edge, even the system in minecraft itself cannot detect the presence of this biome. The probability of MJE appearing in minecraft is approximately 1:128.041.

2. Full Diamond Zombie

Seeing a Mob Zombie using full iron armor is normal, we can easily find every realm, but what happens if you meet a full diamond zombie, here it’s not the armor that the player drops, but it spwns naturally.

Surely not a few of my Minecraft players thought at the first impression that it was another player, or maybe thought, the zombies stole armor drops from other players. But if you realize that the spawn probability is 1:552,903, this will be even more dramatic, and wow.

3. Woodland Mansion

Next there is a special Mansion, you need to remember here is a special mansion, there are many rooms in it, not a mansion that is easy and often found, its existence is very rare, when you enter this Mansion you will find fake Beacons, well here is the difference from other mansions .

4. Skeleton Trap

The Skeleton Trap is a moving seed of 4 horsemen, where the rider and horse are only skull-shaped.

The probability is 1 : 13,333,333, it’s not hundreds of thousands, but millions of possibilities, that means, out of 13 million players, there is only 1 player who will find this one seed. Extremely rare.

5. End Portal Activated

Finding this portal is very easy, we only need to throw the ender eyes up, and automatically the direction of the ender eyes will always fall towards the stronghold, the place where the end portal is located.

Usually players have to activate it first, but the End Portal Activated phenomenon is a rare phenomenon, because this portal has been activated automatically by the Minecraft system.

The probability of occurrence is 1 : 1 trillion, imagine 1 trillion, not a small number.

6. 16 Lucky Eggs

Have you ever used this term before?, 16 chickens hatched 1 egg, you didn’t read it wrong, because this phenomenon does occur in Minecraft, but the probability itself is 1: 281,474,976,710,656. one in 281 trillion.

If you experience a similar incident, it means you are included in the 281 trillion lucky man.

7. OP Zombie Villager Jockey

The shape is a bit strange, there is a villager child who becomes a zombie, wears full diamond armor, rides a chicken, has damage that can be said to be OP, because it doesn’t work, if the chicken dies, the villager zombie will chase your character much faster than when he rides a chicken.

As for the possibility itself, it’s a bit difficult to say the number, 0, 0 after the comma is 100, then followed by the number 437,969,1448%, about 0, 0000 is a few percent.

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