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9 Unique Facts about ALLAY Minecraft | Too OP

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Allay Minecraft Facts

Want to be friends with Allay?,

Allay is one of the Mobs that is quite interesting for Minecraft players. Present through the results of voting by Mojang, making this Mob gain popularity and place in the eyes of the players.

Behind it all, there are actually unique abilities that can benefit you as a player, what can you get and interesting facts from this cute Mob?

The shape is cute and unique

It has a cute shape with a light blue color, making this one mob attractive in terms of appearance when compared to the other 2 rivals. In addition, the presence of 2 wings makes this mob even more unique, especially in Minecraft so far, mobs like this can be said to be of few types, there are only phantoms, birds, bees and Ender Dragons, although Enderdragon is arguably not a Mob, it is more categorized as a PittBoss. With the presence of Allay, one more type of winged Mob is added.

Happy to Help Player

Another attraction of this Mob comes from its ability, Allay likes to help players in collecting leftover crafting materials even though without being ordered, he will pick up items that are scattered on the ground, then give them to the player. This is really very helpful for players, if the inventory is full or there may be items wasted accidentally.

Can be used as a sort item

Allay can also be asked for help to collect items as he wishes, similar to sorting items, he will take items according to what the player orders by giving him one item as an order for him to collect similar items.

Featured Pet

Has wings and the ability to collect items, making it very suitable as a pet. Allay is very flexible for players who will go survival anywhere, whether it’s to caves, mountains, the sea or places with extreme contours, because the possibility of falling into lava or being left behind will be very small when compared to other pets such as cats and dogs.

Plus the ability to collect items, players will really find it helpful to make Allay a pet.

Can Find Hidden Items

By giving him one item, Allay will explore the player’s chunck area, both on land and in the cave, he will collect items that are difficult or unknown to the player in other words, this item is hidden, for example, the player accidentally drops a diamond whose location is still in the chunck area, When it arrived at the base, the player realized that one of the diamonds had fallen.

Players can ask Allay to help find the diamond by giving him one diamond item as a sorting item.

Its Existence Only in Mension and Pillager Prison

So far, Allay can only be found in Mension and Pillager prisons.

It’s still a mystery why Mob Allay was imprisoned Mension and Pillager, what was the reason the Pillager fathers locked this Mob. When viewed from his physical and abilities, Allay is not an aggressive Mob when compared to Iron Gollem who likes to wrestle.

Have Potential as a Farmer

So far, the mainstay farmer is the villager, or there is a player who decides to create an automatic farm with sorting items. Allay may be relied on for this activity, although there is no supporting information yet, but judging from his ability, Allay has the potential for this activity.

Mainstay Assistant Builder

Players don’t need to be afraid of running out of materials in their inventory when doing build building activities, you just need to put a lot of items outside, if you run out of materials in your inventory, just call Allay.

Barter goods between players

And lastly, you can barter goods between players in the Chunck area, for example you need an item to build above, while your friend is in a mining place tens of blocks away from you on the surface, you can ask Allay for help to barter items, so you don’t have to meet to barter items, just give orders to Allay.

So, those are interesting facts about Mob Allay and the potential and abilities he has.

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