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Basic ARCGIS, Creating Coordinate Binding Points | Georeferencing Maps From Google Earth

make arcgis coordinate binding point

This post is still included in the submission notes from an Arcgis tutor, who he is, can be traced to the first post that discusses Arcgis.

This time we discussed and discussed how to create coordinate binding points.

Vital Records : It’s a good idea to open arcgis to make it easier to understand this note!

What is Georeferencing?

Georeferencing consists of 2 words, namely Geo which means earth, referencing which means coordinate reference, in general; georeferencing is the earth that has reference coordinates.

In short, the georeferencing process in Arcgis is a process to determine the coordinates on the map, so that when processing digital data the coordinate position does not change.

How to Get Georefrencing Coordinates

According to mas oby, there are several ways to get georeferencing coordinates, either through satellite imagery such as google earth or google earth pro, drone imagery or aerial photography, and data retrieval directly to the field.

Using Imagery from Google Earth Pro

Reason for using image from google earth pro; yes, because it is easy to access and easy to obtain. Here are the steps to make a tie point in Arcgis;


What should be prepared to retrieve data

  • Google Earth Pro
  • Arcgis
  • Internet connection

Georeferencing Step

  • Open the Google Earth Pro App, type in the location search field,
  • Once the location is set, pin all four corners, serving as binding coordinates
  • This map has been pinned and ready to be saved

The map above is ready to be used and processed in the Arcgis application, here are the steps to create pins in the four corners:

  • Because from the start using UTM coordinates, so make adjustments first, by going to the Tools Menu > Select Options > the settings as marked with the red arrow below:
  • After the above settings are done, continue to create a pin using the yellow pin symbol found in the Toolbar section, create a point name.
  • the 4 pins are ready, the points are ready, the next step is to open Excel to enter the coordinates of the 4 points (to see the coordinates right click on the point then select properties, now there are Easting (X) Northing (Y) coordinates.
  • Save the file with the data format “Text (Tab delimited).
  • Back to Google earth pro, save the image file with the maximum resolution.
  • go to Arcgis then Add image data, the previously saved image will appear in the Table of content section in Arcgis
  • It’s time to add the coordinate data that was saved in excel
  • via File Menu > Add data > Add XY Data > select an exel file containing UTM coordinates

The map and coordinates are now in the table of content, it’s time to bind the coordinates

Note: The image above of the map condition and the coordinates of the axel has been imported to Arcgis, but before that, first bring up the Georeferencing toolbar by selecting Menu Costumize > Toolbar > ticking Georeferencing.

What is marked with a red box is the icon that will be used in the process of binding the dots. Use the first icon.

Coordinate Point Binding Process

  • Right click on the data point in the table of content, select zoom to layer, then 4 dots will appear there, select the add control point icon on the Georeferencing toolbar, click on the first point (above I renamed the name A for the first point).
select the first icon to carry out the process of making binding points
  • Next, right-click on the map that was previously pinned, select zoom to layer, now the map appears, zoom in on the first pin, pinpoint the end of the pin.
  • Do the same at the next point until the 4 points are covered.

Notes : this activity is done to bind coordinates on the map. That’s why the first and second steps must be done repeatedly so that the 4 points are covered and tied to each other.

The above process has been carried out, it means the georeferencing process has been completed, the map is ready to be processed in the digitization stage.


That’s all for a discussion about making map coordinates binding points from Google Earth Pro, it will be easier if you practice it directly in front of a PC while reading this note.

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