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Blackpink and BTS members lyric with each other | These are 5 interesting facts about the relationship between the two

Relationship between Blackpink and BTS
5 interesting unique facts

South Korean entertainment seems to be endlessly discussed everywhere, ranging from drama series, beauty and one that should not be missed, namely Korean pop or often known as kpop. These three topics are always hot, adorn various corners of the social media homepage, their presence is like sugar, attracting the interest of young and old, such as the admin of this blog who can no longer resist the charm of kpop which is decorated with beautiful and handsome singers, like an angel wanting to marry her. one of the members, but what can they do, their hearts are too full to leave room, because they prioritize millions of loyal fans.

If you have to choose and side with one of the Blackpink members, maybe this will be the toughest choice, because fans will think you don’t understand the true essence of the girl band made by YG Entertainment, they are one, missing one instead of growing a thousand, it’s your choice will be attacked by thousands and even millions of questions “why is this”, “why is that”, “what is the reason”, and so on, because of the high solidarity of fans, they will flock to defend the four members if there is someone who intends to hurt one of the members. the.

Likewise, what happened to BTS, this boy band from the country of ginseng also has millions of loyal fans, never test their detailed knowledge of one of the members, even the motifs of the clothes that members use every time they appear on stage they memorize and know complete information where, brand what and the price of the product charged.

The popularity of the two groups is no longer in question, their footsteps are treading in many big cities around the world, some fans consider this a competition arena, some share their support, but not a few also match Blackpink members with BTS. The facts below are quite unique and interesting, summarized from various sources, my friend can consider it as kemisri, if that’s necessary!.

blackpink and bts one stage in indonesia

One of the biggest marketplaces in the country, let’s say Tokopedia, appointed the two of them to be brand ambassadors for the E-commerce service, a stage where they work together to promote services.

The South Korean government prohibits playing Blackpink and BTS songs in gyms

As quoted from the Koreaboo page, Friday (16/7/2022): health officials issued new rules specifically for gym places so as not to play songs that have a high tempo. Blackpink and BTS songs turned out to be in that category, such as “How You Like That-BP”, “Permission to dance-BTS” and other similar band songs in order to suppress the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. These songs are considered to stimulate the enthusiasm of those in the GYM to do strenuous activities, so that they breathe too fast and sweat, which can lead to transmission.

Jisoo BP and V BTS have been rumored to be dating

Media from South Korea, Sohu, once revealed that the two had a close relationship through an article upload in May 2022, in which there was also a kissing photo of BTS’s V and Blackpink’s Jisoo. Sohu added that the relationship between the two members had existed since 2022.

Rumors of Lisa and Jungkook being caught on a date

This rumor started when fans’ Instagram social media account @lizkookinmylife posted a photo in October 2022. both wore accessories in the form of a ring necklace that seemed similar. Korean media Dispatch also revealed that Lisa and Jungkook started their first date in December 2022 in Hongdae and in Myeong-Dong.

BTS and Blackpink members often steal glances

Not only once or twice, Lisa BP and Jungkook BTS stole glances at each other, Even the interaction between the two at the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejun seemed not small, every now and then Jungkook looked at Lisa, and vice versa, but they tried to keep their distance.

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