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Blue Sky Presets | Blue Sky Lightroom Formula | Bright & Cool

Lightroom formula bright blue sky or the language of the cool; Blue Sky is one of the famous presets among young people today, the reason is because it is undeniable that the blue sky saves millions of beauty when compared to a cloudy sky. But make no mistake, the formula for cloudy sky lightroom is also one of the most searched keywords on Google, and of course, behind a cloudy sky view there must be a beauty value that is no less interesting than a bright blue sky.

You must try this one preset in the Lr photo editor application, why do I say mandatory, because my friend certainly finds its own charm when applying or applying the Lightroom blue sky formula to your photos.

What are the advantages?

The blue sky indicates that the weather is sunny, from there, my friend is really presented with a natural panorama in the form of bright white clouds and you can be sure there are birds flying over the coconut … err wrong, I mean your head, you should be careful, don’t let it the results of the disposal make your pose less fun.

In addition, the scenery provides a fresh atmosphere, especially for those of you who are enjoying adventures in the wild such as mountains, beaches and hills. A pretty good moment if you apply this preset is when you are at the beach. It will be even more romantic if there is a couple beside each other enjoying the breeze along with unlimited vision of the horizon line that stretches the expanse of the blue sky above.

From the explanation above, you can be sure there are friends who can’t wait to play charming color gradations in order to create a blue sky panorama in your camera shots.

How to edit Blue Sky Photo ?

It needs to be emphasized once again, we only focus on changing the color of the sky, and these changes aim to produce a blue sky effect, so there is no need to force the color of other objects too much.

How to Edit Blue sky photo

As stated above, this blue sky lightroom formula creates a dominance of 1 color, therefore, it is better not to play with the value of the number of other elements.

Please follow the steps below, try not to miss anything, it can be fatal for the final photo:


Try to answer this question, what do you think my friend did to get the blue sky effect?, increase the light intensity or decrease it?, if the answer is up, yup, my friends are right,

Lighting : -81

Contrast : 36

Highlights : 19

Shadow : 8

White Hue : 28

Black : 37


This is where the first process of forming a blue sky is carried out, how do you do it?, follow along

Temp : 4

Pattern : 20

Vibrance : -6

Saturation : 9

Mix (Mix)

For the photo above, immediately play the aqua, blue, purple and pink gradation values,

Aqua : Hue 84 > Saturation -60 > Luminance 51

Blue : -22 > 100 > -38

Purple : 55 > 37 > -21

Pink : -43 > -45 > -38


Texture : -58

Clarity : 2

Fog Effect : 11

Vignette : -22

Highlights : 12


Sharpen : 27

Radius : 1.00

Details : 25

Noise Reduction : 19

Contrast : 16

Color Noise Reduction : 35

Smoothness: 68

How’s the edit, buddy?, is it in line with expectations?, or even far from expectations, if it feels far, please play the value on the mix or mix section, because the image you see here only focuses on that section. No need to be afraid of a lot of noise, my friend just go to the effects menu, play the value of noise reduction and color noise reduction.

Until here, first sharing about the blue sky or blue sky Lightroom formula, never run out of ideas for maximum results, keep working according to your passion, everyone has their own taste, if it doesn’t feel right, please experiment and create tastes for other interesting filter combinations, in the end may be useful.

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