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Can Free Blog Templates Accept Adsense?

free blog accepted by adsense
Free Vs Premium Templates

Before we discuss the topic above me disclaimer first, so that you don’t say you know it and make it up; what will be shared in this post is based on experience and sharing from the writings of the temperatures who have been in the blogging world for a long time, which means the contents of this article are a summary of several references and personal experiences.

Blog Templates

Templates or in other words themes, are related to the appearance that is the background of all the content in our blog, indirectly the template also gives identity as a hallmark of a blog, just like the appearance of an application on an Android smartphone, we can recognize an application through its appearance, for example. Whatapps is identical to the light green color, or facebook with the characteristic dark blue color.

Likewise blogs, without a template, our website looks like a soul without a body or vegetables without salt, it will taste bland and unpleasant to look at.

The Effect of Blog Templates on the Number of Visitors

Choosing the wrong template is at risk of decreasing visitors, that’s what has been conveyed by the temperatures in many posts on their blogs. What kind of template has the potential to reduce the number of visitor visits?, this question may be appropriate to identify errors when choosing a template.

  • The theme is less attractive in the eyes of visitors

Comfort is the main thing that must be considered, someone will feel at home for long if they are in a comfortable place, especially with regard to what they see. Referring to the context of reading posts on blogs, writing becomes the main dish, but an unattractive theme can make visitors get bored quickly and eventually leave.

We can use the blog template as a first impression, so that visitors feel comfortable and finally feel at home for long.

  • Loading Templates Too Long

If you are the type of person who is lazy to wait, maybe this will be a serious problem. This is what must be avoided when becoming the admin of a blog, the risks involved can be very serious, not only the reputation of the blog being damaged in the eyes of visitors, but also to bad ratings in the eyes of search engines, as a result, visitors decline and article rankings drop. If this is the case, it’s definitely over.

Disorganized navigation is like looking for a house address without a clear address, if you’re not drunk, you get lost, in the end what you’re looking for can’t be found. Disappointed, that’s what blog readers must have felt if the navigation inside was erratic and in the end they just stopped by for a while and then left.

Providing safe services is a must if someone provides digital services, those who visit will feel disturbed if there are disturbances such as malware and so on.

The points above are problems that must be resolved immediately, and become a benchmark as well as an assessment of whether an SEO blog or not.

What’s the Difference Between Free Templates and Premium Templates

Many recommend premium templates when registering a blog with Adsense, what are the advantages of premium templates over free ones?

In the eyes of visitors, the two are not different at all, they don’t even mind whether it’s premium or free, because the real purpose of these visitors is to find information. But in the eyes of search engines, this premium template looks fresher, in terms of SEO itself, there is no doubt about it.

For users of premium templates, there is no need to be tired of having to edit the code in it, because it is neatly organized and well navigated. In terms of security, it has been guaranteed.

While the free templates need to be repaired and edited first for adjustments before use, or need to add security manually. For friends who are experts in editing templates, this is not a big problem, even themes that were previously free were edited into premium versions for their own use.

Template Specifications For Adsense

The Adsense party itself has never stated directly what kind of template they will accept as publishers, and actually the Adsense party doesn’t even mind the template when it accepts publishers, whether it’s free or premium, what they care about is how ads can be published and attract many people to view ad display.

Logically, someone who offers products and services to prospective buyers has only one goal, namely that their products and services are ogled by potential buyers and sold in the market, as well as adsense.

So Are Free Templates Acceptable by Adsense?

The answer is Yes, you can, if you apply good SEO rules.

Are Premium Templates Definitely Accepted when registering for Adsense?

The value of SEO on premium themes can be said to be close to perfect, but we also have to understand what the purpose of implementing SEO itself is. The purpose of SEO is to maximize assessment in the eyes of search engines, but back again to the ultimate goal of bringing in visitors.

Implementing SEO practices can help increase our blog’s visibility ranking in search, so that our posts have the potential to appear on the first page and get more visitors.

However, it should be noted that premium templates without visitors will also be rejected by Adsense


Free and premium templates are no different in the eyes of Google Adsense, both have a chance of being accepted as a publisher, the most important thing is how the template can reach and bring in many people, so that the Adsense campaign gets potential buyers.

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