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Can Subdomains Be Registered With Adsense & Be Accepted As Publishers?

can register adsense using subdomain
Accepted Adsense blog Use a subdomain?

This topic is very interesting to discuss, why?, because every year Google Adsense always updates the TOS (Term Of Service) and it has a significant impact for those who have not and have been accepted as publishers.

Until the time this post was published, the number of Adsense publishers in Indonesia itself is very large, both on the blogger platform, YouTube, and other platforms and the fact is that the conditions for being accepted by Adsense are increasingly difficult, unlike 5 years ago, to get youtube adsense we only need need to create an account and then upload videos.

But now, we can see for ourselves, it takes 4000 hours of broadcast and 1000 subscriber conditions that must be met. Not much different on the blog platform, in the past the review process only took a few days, some even claimed it only took a few hours, but now; can take weeks.

At a glance, we have been given an idea of ​​how the adsense party continues to update their rules. If we browse looking for posts that discuss the terms of the Adsense blog, the average post will include points “Blogs must first be upgraded to a Top Level Domain (TLD)“.

Here what should be underlined is have a TLD domain to be accepted by adsense. Of course, this requirement is not written just like that, it must have certain aims and objectives that make it an excuse.

And that refers to the competition that occurs on search engines, when using a TLD domain, there are several advantages to be gained;

  • Gaining a high level of trust from readers
  • Blog looks more professional
  • Become a Search Engine Priority

When viewed from the advantages above the TLD domain is above the subdomain in terms of competition for visitors.

On average, those who write articles about Adsense terms are those who already understand the science of SEO, the best option to increase the chances when signing up for Adsense to be easily accepted is to use a TLD domain.

But can subdomains be registered and accepted as publishers?

The answer of course: yes it is possible. If you are among friends who often do blog walking, you will often find blogs with subdomains showing adsense ads, almost all of their stories about adsense are able to inspire warriors who have not been accepted as publishers.

Their story of course has its own added value, because of the fact; to be accepted by Adsense using a subdomain is very difficult, it takes extra time and effort, they must be able to compete with TLD domain users to get visitors.

Blogs with TLD domains can be submitted after the blog’s age is more than 3 months, although only hundreds of visitors are usually easily accepted, while subdomains are not that easy, Ferguso, some claim to be more than 1 year old, even after getting thousands of new visitors when submitting.


Subdomains also have the opportunity to be accepted as an Adsense publisher, but the opportunity is arguably very small, it takes extra time and effort to make this happen. The small opportunity is caused because the level of competition is very high in the Search Engines.

If you really want to rely on subdomains, then the thing that must be done is to maximize the appearance and posts to look professional, and the most important thing is to increase the number of visitors.

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