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CHARGE THE BATTERY DAILY| It turns out that this is the distance traveled by a TESLA electric car | All Models

how far does the Tesla car travel?
Tesla electric car mileage

Everyone has their own criteria when it comes to choosing a vehicle, but in general, performance is an important concern and this is mandatory, because if it is ignored, the consequences of the problems that occur can be many times over.

Four-wheeled vehicles are no exception. Initially, electric cars were considered as cars that had a low range. But this has been broken by Tesla. Where, the mileage of Tesla’s electric car is further than others.

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It is very natural that in the end, these products from a factory in California, United States of America receive worldwide attention.

The purpose of the creation and manufacture of electric cars is of course to get big profits.

It’s just that Tesla created electric car products not only to get company profits, but also to take care of the earth.

The company realizes that the toxic gas which is the result of combustion in the engine is not good for the earth.

Especially for humans. So, there must be a solution to this problem. One of them is by reducing the use of vehicles with gasoline engines and fuel or the like.

And this has received public attention, as well as appreciation from various countries. One of the indicators is the increasing sales figures.

For Tesla electric car mileage, of course, varies, depending on the model.

Surprisingly enough, this company is the first company to create and offer a product in the form of an electric car that has the ability to go 402 miles, or about 656.9 km.

Where, this mileage is held by the Tesla company’s latest electric car. This mileage figure is based on the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency calculations.

Meanwhile, based on information on, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk does not give a loophole, and does not allow his competitors to outperform their products.

And one of its competitors is Lucid Air. Which recently launched its product with a mileage of about 644 km.

So, it is not surprising that finally the team from Tesla, especially the Freemont section, will release their newest product, namely the Tesla S which has very advanced technology.

This cool sedan can travel as far as 402 miles. Where, the calculation used is the EPA.

Tesla Electric Car Advantages

So, in addition to the incredible Tesla electric car mileage, what are the advantages? Let’s look at the following explanation.

The first advantage is in terms of battery. Since its release and launch, the Tesla S electric car has become the favorite of many people in various circles.

And he still leads other electric vehicles. Both in terms of the mileage of the Tesla electric car or in terms of the battery.

With these advantages, of course the Tesla company still feels unable and ready if it has to hand over this crown to its competitors.

Well, for those of you who are planning to buy an electric car, then you should pay attention to the battery life.

This is so that your trip is always safe from the so-called ‘run out of battery’ in the middle of the road.

You can realize these desires and hopes when you buy a Tesla product.

Because they offer electric cars that are equipped with sophisticated and very durable batteries. Interestingly, the car battery can last up to 1.6 million km.

And when you do the charging, then you’ve used it to travel as far as 827 km. While the speed itself is 72 km.

The concept of a car that can run without a driver is an old concept. Unfortunately, the concept is just a concept without execution for many companies.

Unlike the case with Tesla. Where, they have succeeded in realizing the concept into their newest product.

So, when you feel a bit tired to drive, then you can let it run itself. The working system is simple.

Namely using sensors and navigation systems. This sensor system will read what is around the car.

While the navigation system will make the mapping. Where, this mapping is useful so you don’t get lost.

In addition, this electric car is also equipped with a camera. So the sensor will be more accurate.

The thing that is no less interesting about this electric car is the software. Because right, so far software is something that is always associated with cellphones and laptops.

It is still very rare that anyone associates software with vehicles. Well, take it easy, you will find this in Tesla.

The newest product is equipped with this software. Which shows that the products from Tesla are the best, newest and most advanced products ever.

And this software should be a special equipment for vehicles. The software that is on Tesla is always uploaded regularly.

So it will not be outdated. And can adapt to the times.

For example, last year, in July, Tesla updated its software. This improvement aims to increase safety, comfort, trust, and a valuable experience for those of you who drive it.

The existence of software is also one of the advantages and advantages of Tesla’s products.

Tesla’s existing software includes Cabin camera, new language support, tuneIn improvement, backup camera improvements, improved traffic light and stop sign control., , walkaway door lock improvements, and dashcam viewer improvements.

Components in Tesla electric car Engine

One of the factors that makes Tesla’s electric car mileage that great is the engine. Is it? Well, in the engine, there are only 3 components.

Namely batteries, inverters, and also electric motors. You can charge this battery repeatedly. In which there is a charging cycle.

The battery in Tesla’s product is a battery from Panasonic. With a size of 18.20 mm x 65.05 mm. While the capacity is 3,400 mAh.

The battery in the electric car has been equipped with a BMS or Battery Management System.

Which has a function to control the charging you do. Then, there are also inverters.

The inverter itself has the task of converting DC voltage into AC voltage. So, when there are conditions that are deemed dangerous, the inverter will automatically disconnect.

With these various advantages, of course in the future not a few competitors will appear. Is it? And one of its competitors is of course Lucid Motors.

Nevertheless, the Tesla company certainly does not want to lose. They have a commitment to creating products that are far superior, because Tesla is not an easy company, and they get satisfied quickly. He is very much like his CEO.

Well, here are some lists of Tesla electric car mileage.

1. Chevrolet Bolt EV, the distance is 416.2 km.

2. Tesla model Y, mileage is 402,316 km.

3. Tesla model 3 long range, the distance is 330 km.

4. Tesla model x. the distance is 351 km.

5. Tesla model S, mileage as far as 646.9 km.

Seeing the capabilities above, each model is not only equipped with advanced technology, performance is also a hallmark of each model.

Thus some important information about the mileage of Tesla’s electric car. May be useful.

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