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COMPLETE: How to Reset a Good and Correct Samsung Hp | Short Solid Clear

When you find your favorite smartphone experiencing many problems, errors, and so on, the first thought that arises is to fix all these problems. But what happens if there are too many errors causing the phone to slow down and slow down significantly, let alone fiddling with menu settings, moving the touch screen to the left and right, there might be a delay.

If it’s like this, what can you do, as ordinary Android users, of course we want a simple and easy way to return the cellphone to normal. The only shortcut is to reset the device to its original settings or factory settings. This is the easiest choice instead of having to check one by one the cause of the error, not to mention fixing the part of the error.

For Samsung smartphone users, don’t panic too much, this tutorial is specifically for friends who already think there is no other way but to reset the device completely, it’s not complicated, it’s simple, clear and concise so that it’s easy for everyone to understand young, old, mothers and anyone who needs a tutorial to reset a Samsung cellphone. Consists of a flow scheme and an explanation of the steps:

Easy Ways to Reset Samsung Smartphones For Almost all Brands:

1. From the HP Menu

The flow:

Indonesian : Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Settings > Reset > Waiting for Process > Done

English : Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset > Reset > Processed automatically, wait for it to finish

Explanation: Turn on the device if it is off, don’t forget to provide sufficient battery power, try to save more than half of the battery power, have you backed up important data? If not, please backup first, don’t let bad things happen to previous users happened to my friend, namely losing important data.

After backing up the data, that means you are ready to proceed to the main step, now go to the “settings or settings” section, look for the “General Management” option in which there are several other options, find and click “Reset”, go to “Factory Settings” Reset data “, find the words “Reset” usually this position is located at the very bottom.

Your next task is to wait for the process, it will run automatically, the length of time varies, sometimes it can be completed in minutes or even hours.

2. Via System Recovery or Hard Reset

Plot : Cellphone is off Total > press hold Power + Volume key top + home (position in the middle of the bottom) until your smartphone is alive in a state of recovery > Wipe data/Factory Reset > wait until finished > Hp restart automatically.

For this method, there is no need to explain again, because all the options are in one menu, so just follow the flow, do it correctly so that everything goes smoothly according to the process.

4. Via Dial Phone

Of the many ways, maybe this is the simplest, no need to select here and there, scroll right up left down and so on, just use a short code: *2767*3855# then press the phone call symbol, then your smartphone will reset automatically.


Hopefully after following the guide above your favorite smartphone device can return to normal as usual. So that this incident doesn’t happen again, it’s a good idea to always carry out routine maintenance on the software and hardware parts, make sure all the applications in it are running smoothly, update as necessary. Software on smartphones is very susceptible to minor damage, 1 error application can seep into another, affecting the overall system performance.

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